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Clare Tipler

Clare Tipler, RubicOnline Managing Editor

Clare Tipler is the Production Manager for RubicOnline. Tipler loves telling her classmates' stories and meeting members of the community she normally wouldn't get to. As the first RubicOnline managing editor, Tipler hopes to shape the role into something productive and long-lasting while also starting the next wave of journalism at SPA with the new RubicOnline staff. Outside of RubicOnline, Tipler enjoys learning Chinese because it fascinates and feels creative to her. She also is the captain of  the girl's hockey and softball teams, and participates in her student group, Students for Social Justice, as their vice president. In her free time, Tipler likes listening to podcasts and working at The Pond to teach kids how to play hockey. She de-stresses by listening to music, traveling when she can, and spending time with friends and family.


She can be reached at [email protected]

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