JV Blackhawks Lacrosse loses close game to Roseville

IN PURSUIT. A Roseville player chases after a Blackhawks player trying to get the ball.
IN PURSUIT. A Roseville player chases after a Blackhawks player trying to get the ball.
Andrew Lipinsky

TriMAC Blackhawks Junior Varsity Lacrosse faced off against Roseville on May 13 at 5 p.m. In a hard-fought game, Roseville came away with a win over the Blackhawks.

Two months into the season, the team has won three games and lost six. While the boys envisioned more at the start of the season, it’s not the worst possible outcome and they hoped to redeem themselves in this game.

To start the game, the ten starters rushed onto the field to position themselves for the first possession. In this first possession, the Blackhawks won the ball within seconds and threw a few long passes to a player right in front of the goal, who dramatically scored a goal just 15 seconds into the game.

However, Roseville scored three consecutive goals afterward, while the Blackhawks would not score again until the third quarter. With the fourth quarter starting 3-2, there was still a chance for the Blackhawks. Roseville quickly crushed These aspirations of victory by scoring three goals in the first 5 minutes of the quarter, making it 6-3 with 12 minutes remaining.

The Blackhawks scored their final goal with one minute left, but the game had already been decided. The game ended 6-4, Roseville victorious.

Sophomore Fletcher Coblentz reflected on areas for improvement. “We need to work on our defense and communicate more offensively,” Coblentz said. “We should shoot way more on offense. Our goalie was great this game, though.”

Coblentz played defense for the team and was in for most of the game. He was incredibly tired after the matchup but still proud of his team, even after the loss.

“We have to communicate more for sure,” sophomore AJ Greenie said. “They were a great team, no denying that.”

After the Blackhawks’ tough loss, they hope to bounce back and win a few games before the season ends. Their next game is Wednesday at 5 p.m. at Two Rivers High School.

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