Alpine Skiier Peter Baker works for hours to shave seconds off races


Peter Baker (submitted)

Sophomore Peter Baker began skiing with his family but hopes to take his competitive drive all the way to the U18 National Junior Championships. “When you’re racing, it’s just a feeling that’s really been unmatched with anything else… it’s a feeling of carelessness,” he said. Baker received fourth place out of 126 skiers at the Feb. 5 Section 4 meet, qualifying him for the State meet that will take place Feb. 12 at Giants Ridge.

For sophomore Peter Baker, a competitive alpine skier, speeding down hills comes almost as naturally as walking. “I started skiing when I was probably three or four, and then I actually started racing when I was eight/nine,” Baker said. Currently, Baker races with the St. Paul Academy and Summit School Alpine Ski team.

Alpine skiing isn’t his only sport, though. Baker plays soccer in the fall and tennis in the spring. However, skiing takes up the most of his time by far: “I practice almost every night but when races come every race can be about a minute or a minute and a half. The time investment is huge,” Baker said.

It’s no surprise Baker is willing to commit so much time to the sport. With a basement full of skis of all sizes and closets full of warm clothing, the Baker family practically lives and breathes skiing. “It’s always kind of been a family affair. I’ve grown up skiing with my family; I still consistently do,” Baker said. “My dad introduced both my brother [Ross Baker ‘11] and I to ski racing. We still always try to get out and ski as a family.”

Baker hopes to make it to the U18 National Junior Championships this year, where the top 50 male and top 50 female skiers between ages 16 and 18 compete. Qualifications are based on scores throughout the season.

However, scores aren’t the only thing Baker takes away from races. “When you’re racing, it’s just a feeling that’s really been unmatched with anything else. And it sounds cheesy, but it’s really just a feeling of carelessness,” he said. “You’re just so focused on one task. It really is just a great feeling.”