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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

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Bobby Verhey

Bobby Verhey, Rubicon TV Executive Producer

Bobby Verhey is the Rubicon TV Executive Producer on RubicOnline. This is his fourth year on staff, previously working as the Sports Editor and Social Media Manager. During the pandemic, he has been playing a lot of sports outside, watching a lot of TV, and has even become an expert video game player. One quote that he is inspired by is from Michael Jordan, who said: "Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen." Bobby Verhey can be reached at [email protected].

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Junior Maxanne Millerhaller joined the math team this year. She said, I think I was a little nervous that the team wouldn’t all of a sudden accept a new junior member but all of the people on the team have been really nice to me.

Millerhaller takes math to the ‘limit’

Bobby Verhey, Social Media Manager
October 31, 2019
Junior Rashmi Raveendran scrolls through the main headlines for the New York Times. She said, “I know about it but I don’t use it too much. I feel like people might not even recognize that we have access to it since it happens automatically on your computer. I think if more people realized that the school pays for accounts for all of us, then everyone would use it much more often.”

It’s time to start reading the Times

Bobby Verhey, Social Media Manager
September 20, 2019
This is Autonomice, SPA Robotics Teams very own robot. “We were at the State Fair to have another opportunity to show off our robot, and to reach out to a bigger community about robotics,” Sedo said. “Outreach was very important to us for the fair.”

State Fair students talk wins (and lines)

Bobby Verhey, Social Media Manager
September 8, 2019
The RubicOnline asked players about the support system that has helped them achieve their goals.

[FILTERED] Final Four Edition

Bobby Verhey, RubicOnline Editor
April 10, 2019
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