[AROUND TOWN] Looking for high-quality organic goods? Mississippi Market Co-op has got you covered

MISSISSIPPI MARKET CO-OP. The co-op building stands under the bright sun. This location on 7th Street West is the largest of the three locations.
MISSISSIPPI MARKET CO-OP. The co-op building stands under the bright sun. This location on 7th Street West is the largest of the three locations.
Andrew Lipinsky

Fresh, Delicious and Organic. Mississippi Market Co-op is a local St. Paul Community owned store, known for quality food shopping with three separate locations around the city.

Fresh, Delicious and Organic.

— Andrew Lipinsky

It is branded as a primarily natural goods co-op, offering sustainable meats and fish, along with wellness products made from natural goods.

The market serves as a great neighborhood space, hosting several community and charitable events. In the past month they have held several food drives for people in need of food and water. They have also collaborated with charities and organizations in the city to get the youth to speak out and make change in their communities. One of these organizations is world youth connect which has helped thousands of kids share their voice and fight for change.

FRESH AND YUMMY. Loads of pasta and soup products line aisle two of the co-op. (Andrew Lipinsky)

Out of the three locations, the largest is located on 7th Street West. The market is brimming with energy and people. Stop in to grab a crate of locally grown tomatoes, a pre-seasoned filet for the grill, and peruse the aisle of Minnesota-made beverages. Everything is neatly organized in different parts of the building. People can get their basic necessities for food in a healthy and sustainable way.

The staff is friendly and welcoming. Whether it’s at check-out or at a counter, they all seem to have the intent of assisting each customer to make the day a little bit better. They are helpful in explaining the layout of the store and getting people the product they are looking for.

Pricing is the one downfall of the Mississippi Market Co-op. A single bottle of juice costs $6, some produce costs $20 and meat costs anywhere from $30 to $80. The investment pays dividends in quality and community outreach, but it may not be the store for every budget.

Nevertheless, if one is looking for a local, organic and sustainable grocery store with great hospitality, Mississippi Market Co-op might just be the right place.

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