How well do you know your childhood friend? Featuring Margaret Bonin and Sofia Rivera

Maintaining childhood friendships can be difficult, but can last a lifetime.
SINCE DAY ONE. Sofia Rivera and Margaret Bonin pose in front of the lower school building on the first day of kindergarten.
SINCE DAY ONE. Sofia Rivera and Margaret Bonin pose in front of the lower school building on the first day of kindergarten.
Submitted by Sofia Rivera

Childhood friends can be a great asset in life. They have been there since day one, can last throughout life, and instill a sense of belonging in a child. Having lifelong best friends has even been proven to increase physical health and well-being. Many students in our community have known each other since elementary school. Sofia Rivera and Margaret Bonin have been fortunate enough to have been friends from pre-school.

Bonin and Rivera have known one another since the age of seven months old in pre-k, and have been classmates ever since.

“I think that childhood friends can be just as close as our friends that we have met at any other point in our life, and I think that that is a beautiful thing,” said Sofia Rivera

Many childhood friends drift apart, but Sofia Rivera and Margaret Bonin have been close since the moment they met in pre-school.

Rivera said, “The first thing I remember doing together is sitting on my porch, playing with toys and doing arts and crafts.”

Having known one another for so long, they have a deep sense of trust in one another. “I can always rely on her and can trust her with everything,” Bonin said.

Quiz: how well do Margaret and Sofia know each other?

#1. What is Sofia’s favorite animal?

#2. What’s Margaret’s favorite color?

#3: What is Sofia’s favorite season?

SITTING TOGETHER. Bonin and Rivera in the lower school library when they toured SPA. (Submitted by Sofia Rivera )

When the pair were quizzed separately about one another’s favorite colors, seasons, and animals, they excelled, getting three for three in all categories. Margaret Bonin said, “Having a lifelong friendship like that makes it hard to ever become strangers to one another.”
Experiencing major life events with one another can create lifelong bonds that are very difficult to break, and will be an asset for the rest of their lives.

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