Elle Chen

After the announcement of president elect Joe Biden, SPA students shared what they are hoping to see after Biden officially takes his seat in the White House.

Students react to historic 2020 election

For over a week, the election was the main topic of conversation in the St. Paul Academy and Summit School community. Students are excited to share their wishes for the future and their reactions to the election. Juniors Lulu Priede and Dylan Zimmerman talked about how their expectations differed from how the election played out. Seniors Jane Christakos and Jackson Small, sophomore Yash Kshirsagar, and science teacher Christine Schwichtenberg react to the country’s first female vice president. Senior Luka Shaker-Check, and ninth-graders Violet Benson and Luca Endorf share their 2021 goals for the country.

What students are dreaming for the future
Election expectations & actualities
Community reacts to Harris Vice Presidency; What do we call her husband?

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