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Adrienne Gaylord

Adrienne Gaylord, Feature Editor

Adrienne Gaylord is the Feature Editor on The Rubicon. This is her second year on staff. In recent times she has been seen biking around South Minneapolis while poorly strumming a ukulele and drawing, occasionally she delivers questionably baked goods to acquaintances. She can also be heard blasting Ween's The Mollusk out of her brand new 2001 Grand Caravan. In the past week she been spotted in a witch hat and cloak roller skating around her neighborhood and public spaces, this has likely scared a few unsuspecting parents and elderly. If you see her. Do not worry. She is relatively not harmful. As Ween spoke in their song "The Mollusk" off of their album The Mollusk, "Bring forth the mollusk, cast unto me. Lets be forever. Let forever be free." Adrienne can be reached at [email protected]

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February 25, 2021
Adrienne Gaylord ranks the most popular monster energy drink flavors.


January 21, 2021
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