Top five illustrations of 2020

January 7, 2021

Illustrations play an essential role in visualizing and informing, from opinions, feature, and even news stories. Here are our top five illustrations from fall 2020.

First COVID cases at school

Illustration by Adrienne Gaylord

Adrienne Gaylord created this illustration for a news story on rising COVID cases in the SPA community, and what was done to stop the spread. (Adrienne Gaylord)

Taking up space

Illustration by Evelyn Lillemoe

Evelyn Lillemoe designed this illustration for the December 2020 Health Section story on Taking up space. Rashmi Raveendran is quoted in the story: “People struggle to express themselves in environments where a part of their identity doesn’t stand by the majority.” (Evelyn Lillemoe)

Conversations should be courageous: why the compass matters

Illustration by Mimi Huelster

Mimi Huelster created this illustration for an Opinion piece on the importance of the compass system in Courageous Conversations. (Mimi Huelster)

Disciplinary response to racism inadequate

Illustration by Adrienne Gaylord

Adrienne Gaylord designed this to go with the October Opinions story, Disciplinary response to racism inadequate: “Failing to appropriately address racist behavior causes it to be normalized,” John Becker wrote. (Adrienne Gaylord)

Use caution in addition to a mask

Illustration by Noa Gross

Noa Gross designed this illustration for the November Opinions story Use caution in addition to a mask. Salah Abdulkarim wrote, “Though masks are an important precaution to prevent the spread of COVID-19, they do not remove all risk.” (Noa Gross)
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