[BEHIND THE SCENES] Boys Swim and Dive swims in season’s first competition

Zekiah Juliusson

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Adrienne Gaylord

Swimmers warm-up before the meet.

On Friday Spartan Boys Swimming and Diving teams competed against St Paul Humboldt at St Paul Humboldt High School.  It was the teams first competition of the season. An underappreciated sport at SPA, the team still has a unique culture, especially as the team is mixed with Highland Park. 

Before the game, the schools meet up and take a team bus. Along the bus ride, the team listens to hype songs that are team traditions. Once arriving the team receives a motivational talk from the captains that inspires the team to have an excellent meet. The team heads to the locker room to get ready for the meet. 

After the meet, we all take a bus to highland. On the ride there we are singing, laughing, and music”

— Grant Mortenson

The team does their warm-ups with everyone helping each other. Sophomore Pah Nah said, “They are all fun and supportive guys, and they help everyone out”. Before the meet starts, the team has a loud chant to get hyped before the races. Next, the meet starts and the 1st of the 13 events started. Each race the noncompeting swimmers stand at the end of the pool and cheer on the swimmers. No matter the position the older swimmers lead the younger swimmers in chants of support for the competitors.

After the meet, the team heads back to the locker room and back to the bus. Sophomore Grant Mortenson said, “After the meet, we all take a bus to highland. On the ride there we are singing, laughing, and music”. The team genuinely enjoys their time together and have the most fun possible during the time. 

The team is formed up of 2 different schools but this allows the team to have a unique culture. Nah said, “it brings us closer and there is a bit of rivalry but that makes us better.” This attitude of everyone performing their best is a reason why the team is so successful. 

The Spartan Boys Swimming and Diving teams will compete on Thursday against St Paul Johnson at St Paul Humboldt High School at 5:00 pm.