[PODCAST] Davis-Jacobs talks photography inspiration and style

Adrienne: Okay, so hi, I’m Adrienne Gaylord, and what’s your name?

Hannah: Hannah Davis-Jacobs.

Adrienne: That’s really great. So, I heard you were into photography.

yeah, I am into photography. I really like taking picture.

Adrienne: That’s really great. How long have you been into photography?

Hannah: Well, I’ve been doing photography at SPA for two years. This is my second year. But I have loved photography since I was a little kid.

Adrienne: How’d you get into it?

Hannah: I really like art. And I think photography is a great way to express myself. Whether it be through video of videography, photography, many different mediums, but specifically taken pictures

Adrienne: Heck yeah. Are there any other people in your life who did photography?

Hannah: Yeah, my mom. She’s a, I guess, aspiring photographers as well. She loves photography. She does a lot of food photography, and a lot of landscape photography while we’re on vacations, and so I kind of picked it up through her.

Adrienne: Nice. What kind of camera do you use?

Hannah: I use a Nikon D 5100, so that’s a digital camera. I really like the Nikon because it’s easy to operate, but also has many different features. And I usually keep it on manual so I can, so I can decide how I want to take my pictures.

Adrienne: If you had to describe your personal style of photography, what do you like to take pictures of? Or how do you like to frame your shots.

Hannah: I love to do portrait photography. One of my big inspirations is Annie Leibovitz. I love taking candid photos of just normal everyday life. But I love to frame it in such a way that it feels surreal sometimes. And I like to take pictures of abstract things, especially with a macro lens. So then regular things that you would recognize my day to day basis become an unrecognizable and foreign objects.

Adrienne: How has taking photography classes helped you with photography, or how’s it been challenging?

Hannah:It’s really broadened my style as well as challenged me in ways of style because I have to do things that I’m not usually really keen to do or very comfortable with. So I just try.

Adrienne: What advice would you give to people who are just starting photography?

Hannah: Although may seem daunting, I wouldn’t, I would say don’t give up because you will find your style. And it’s not about being the best photographer or having the perfect shot its just about expressing yourself and how you think that you’re going to get a message out through photography. It’s just about doing what you intend and not searching all the time. Not searching for your style.

Adrienne: Thank you very much. Have a great day.

Hannah: You too

Adrienne: Continue being a wonderful photographer.

Hannah: Awesome.