Wick explores Sagittarius accuracies and faults


Val Wick

Wick may not always be the paragon of the archer, but her stars are aligned to get it done.

Heads up. It’s Sagittarius season. This means deep thinking adventurers like sophomore Val Wick are out sharpening their imaginations and celebrating their birthdays. Wick may not always be the paragon of the archer, but her stars are aligned to get it done.
Since she was born between the dates of November 22 and December 21, Wick has landed her sun in the ninth house of the Western Zodiac, ruled by the big planet himself, Jupiter. Sagittarius are represented via the archer and are widely considered natural born leaders.
“They’re kind of free-spirited and energetic, and people refer to them as the philosopher of the zodiac,” Wick said. According to Wick, Sagittarius are thinkers. They’re said to ponder deeply and even take their adventurous nature to the inner workings of their minds. Wick can relate to part of that astrological reading.
“I’m definitely energetic and adventurous,” she said. She loves to try new things and push herself to places she’s never been. When faced with big questions she’s eager to dig in, but even though she isn’t afraid of a psychological challenge…
“I wouldn’t necessarily say I do a lot of thinking.”
There are places where her horoscope falls short. Wick finds that although entertaining, astrology doesn’t always contain the most accuracy.
“I think you can technically apply anything to yourself,” she said. That’s where Wick finds astrology to lose integrity. Each horoscope, although assigned a variety of seemingly specific traits, can describe almost every person. Who doesn’t feel creative every once in a while?
Still, she finds it incredibly fun to explore the intricacies of the stars. “It’s fun to hear about it and learn about it,” she said. Wick really enjoys diving into the world of astrology and learning what the stars have in store. As a strong-willed Sagittarius she is destined for greatness, but not to be ungrateful, if Wick could choose her sign, she’d switch Sagittarius for Scorpio.