Girls Basketball ready for a solid season


Clare Tipler

The girls basketball team works on shooting during captains practice on Nov 11. I think the team goal is just to get our groove and stick with it,” sophomore Lea Moore said.

“You should play basketball,” sophomore Lea Moore said. “Especially girls. Because boys would read that and think ‘Oh, there are so many [basketball players],’ but girls? We’re losing people.”

The team may be hoping for more players, but Moore said that they expect a successful season no matter what. “I think the team goal is just to get our groove and stick with it,” Moore said.

That goal will require some hard work and flexibility. According to Moore, most players on the team other than the new freshmen recruits are point guards. Having several young players is a strength and a weakness for the team. They are strong, but will need to work on rounding out their talents.

The team hopes that their place in the new Independent Metro Athletic Conference will give them drive to succeed. “[The IMAC Conference] should be more competitive,” senior captain Katie Ademite said.

“Last year we had a way better winning streak than in previous years, so this year we’re hoping that we can boost those numbers even more,” junior Sami Brattland said.