Swim team’s numbers keep them closer, stronger


Karsten Runquist

Junior Karsten Runquist swims the butterfly during a meet in the 2013-2014 season. “There’s a lot of teasing and making fun of but By the end of every season its like a big family, which is more important than anything to us,” Runquist said.

Being part of a small team can be difficult from a competitive standpoint, but for the Boys Swim and Dive teams it brings them closer and makes them stronger.

“Our biggest strength is the connection we have with each other. There’s a lot of teasing and making fun, but by the end of every season its like a big family, which is more important than anything to us,” junior Karsten Runquist said.

The team’s family atmosphere has led to the creation of some strange traditions and antics over the years. This year, they aren’t sure that they will go through with their notorious head shaving before the sections meet, but there are plenty of other quirky team things to look forward to.
“We don’t have any traditions that actually involve swimming. Our favorite one is stealing fruit from the coaches lunch and hiding the fruit in different areas in the pool,” Runquist said. “Our coaches also promised to try and make practices more fun and entertaining throughout the season, while at the same time getting in a good workout.”

Despite the limited number of swimmers, Runquist said some of the swimmers have a chance at making it to state, beating personal records, and destroying the Central team, one of their main rivals.
“Everyone should come to the Central meet when it happens! Seriously, the more fans the better, and its really fun when you have all your friends there,” Runquist said.

The Trojans team is comprised of swimmers from SPA and Highland Park Senior High.