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Stephanie Li

Stephanie Li, The Rubicon, Photo Story Editor

Senior Stephanie Li is The Rubicon’s Photo Story Editor. Outside of the print room, she is an avid photographer and considers it a hobby of hers. Her favorite classes during the school day are Psychology and Journalism. Every Thursday, she meets with PAWS (People for Animal Welfare and Safety). This year, she is part of IRIS, the new student art and literature magazine. She also is very active, as she currently dances for Studio Vibe in the Twin Cities. She enjoys reading (she loves the Harry Potter series), watching movies (her favorite is The Avengers), and binging Netflix. She has one younger sister in ninth grade. She adores her two Norwegian forest cats, Angel and Ashfur. Her favorite meal is spaghetti, and if she had to pick an area of the world she loves the most, she would pick the Caribbean. Something only her closest friends would know about her is that she can wiggle her ears. Her motto is "worry less, live more".

She can be reached at [email protected]

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