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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

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PRIME TIME. Deion Sanders more famously known for his unique nickname “Coach Prime” after his prime coaching and primed players. Junior Ezra Straub said, “He knows what he’s doing.” ILLUSTRATION: Annika Kim

Deion Sanders changes the game for college football

Olympia Wolff, The Rubicon October 30, 2023
Spartan football fans chime in on University of Colorado Boulder's new head football coach, Deion Sanders.
A SPEEDY CHASE. Player #2, Romelio Love from Blake, from the SMB Wolfpack sprinted away from opponent pursuers with the ball in an attempt to score a touchdown. This was a heated play, and all eyes from the audience were set on the players.

Fierce Homecoming football game concludes with SMB Wolfpack defeat

Zimo Xie, RubicOnline October 7, 2023
The team played the Totino-Grace Eagles Friday evening with large student-audience engagement.
HERE WE COME. Both teams charge at each other either trying to make their way through or stop the other team from moving forward.

SMB Wolfpack comes up short to South St. Paul’s comeback win

Thomas Chen, RubicOnline September 11, 2023
The 27-32 loss is the Wolfpack's second of the season, but the games ahead offer chances for improvement.
INTO POSITION. SMB Wolfpack takes on North St. Paul on Sept. 23 for the Homecoming game.

SMB Wolfpack finds camaraderie with rival schools

Eliza Farley, The Rubicon October 24, 2022
With a 4-3 record, the SMB Wolfpack is celebrating victories both big and small this season.
FOE, NOW FRIEND: On the right half, SPA’s football team battles it out against longtime rival Blake in the last game of the 1963 season, winning 7-0. On the left half, SMB Wolfpack, a co-op formed between SPA, Minnehaha Academy and previous rival Blake, takes on North Saint Paul on Homecoming night in 2021.

Rivalry Evolution: 1900-Today

Catherine Hooley, Managing Editor October 12, 2022
The Packers and the Bears. Georgia and Auburn. The Red Sox and the Yankees. Add SPA and Blake to the list; a rivalry as old as the schools themselves.
NUMBERS GAME. Between 2012 and 2021, the league has only hired 11 men of color to head coaching jobs, contrary to the 51 white men who were hired for the same position in the same period.

[SPORTS OPINION] Rooney Rule enforcement essential for reinvention

Marius Elias Morse, Staff Writer March 4, 2022
The NFL absolutely needs to change and re-invent its hiring procedures to stray away from the “old boys network” it consists of right now.
Director of Athletics Dawn Wickstrum dressed as starting cornerback for her MS football team in 1992. I was around a great group of guys that sort of accepted me in their world, she said.

Dawn Wickstrum: starting cornerback in middle school; Director of Athletics today

Claire Kim, The Rubicon September 30, 2021
A season of Friday night lights, first-and-ten. This is an image of young men in a lineup... but for Director of Athletics Dawn Wickstrum, it was her sport of choice.
LINE OF SCRIMMAGE. SMB Wolfpack starts a play in a heated match with North St. Paul Sept. 10 that ended in a 48-20 win for the pack. “I feel like this year we’ve had a lot more time to connect and become a team,” quarterback Connor Overgaard said.

Wolfpack kicks off season with fan support

Annie Bai, The Rubicon September 28, 2021
After a season cut short by an exposure quarantine, Wolfpack Football is experiencing a more normal year with fewer restrictions.
For years, Native Americans have been pushing for the Washington Football Team to change their name.

[SPORTS OPINION] Professional sports teams take advantage of indigenous peoples for profit

Lynn Reynolds, RubicOnline April 29, 2021
Professional sports teams have taken advantage of indigenous peoples for too long.
Is it better to be fairly good at one sport or be a well-rounded athlete who participates in multiple sports?

[SPORTS OPINION] Is it better to play one or multiple sports?

Annika Rock, RubicOnline March 12, 2021
Does it matter whether you play one or multiple sports? No. What matters more is whether or not you are enjoying the sport you play.
Junior Judah Thomas launches the ball into the air for a reception.

In the midst of a pandemic, there were mythical state champions

Elizabeth Trevathan, Director of RubicOnline December 10, 2020
Because of the cancellation of all sports in Minnesota, the high school football season was abruptly ended, forcing press organizations to crown "mythical" champions

[60 SECOND NEWS] Election recount results, Governor Walz new COVID-19 restrictions, sports cancelled

Bobby Verhey, RubicOnline November 21, 2020
Senior Bobby Verhey gives an update on this week's current events.
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