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Diane Huang

Diane Huang, Director of RubicOnline

As Diane Huang enters her senior year at St. Paul Academy and Summit School she also settles into a familiar, yet newly titled role as Director of RubicOnline. Diane has worked to improve The Rubicon’s online counterpart since her sophomore year and hopes to see a more dynamic and interactive website in the future. As her CMYK personality quiz reveals, she is a designer at heart, and would love the website to experiment more with infographics, video, and animation components. Diane will also take on the responsibilities of being tennis captain and co-leading the student group P.L.A.Y.

She can be reached at [email protected]

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Despite attempts by the Intercultural Club and Common Ground to foster discussion within the community, “it was just dead silent,” Arora said.


March 5, 2019
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