New art and literature club wants artists and writers


Photo submitted by Kathryn Campbell

Co-presidents Amodhya Samarakoon (front) and A.M. Roberts (back) work on a poster for the Clubs Fair held on Sept. 15. “[We hope to] get a good group of people who all already love art and enjoy it or want to improve and learn more,” Roberts said.

The second floor art wing is a quiet maze of artwork on a typical day. Swaths of natural light illuminate the student artists wearing paint covered aprons as they ruminate over their works in progress. Amidst the tranquil scene, the occasional photographer bustles in and out of the dark room. Save for the art classes that also use this space, the art wing is a generally peaceful place to be. This year, however,  the new Art and Literature Club, also known as Iris, might add a breath of excitement to the otherwise contemplative wing.

Not to be mistaken for the art and literature magazine produced by the Ibid staff, Iris is a separate club that seeks to promote both the visual and language arts at St. Paul Academy and Summit School.

“We want people who have either a strong interest or passion in [art or writing] to have a place to explore that interest,” senior co-president A.M. Roberts said.

For people who are beginning writers or artists, [Iris is] a place for them to…improve.”

— co-president A.M. Roberts

According to Roberts, founding members will take a large part in deciding the club’s agenda, perhaps opting to run peer editing workshops for writers, or allot work time for interested artists.

Not only will the club be open to seasoned writers and artists, it also hopes to be a welcome place for inexperienced but interested students.

“For people who are beginning writers or artists, [Iris is] a place for them to…improve,” Roberts said.

The club will be a place for students to generate creative writing and artwork . They will also have the option to submit to the art and literature magazine by the same name. Roberts hopes to plan art events like open-mic nights and poetry slams to include the broader SPA community.

The club meets every Thursday X-Period in the art wing and is run by senior co-presidents Amodhya Samarakoon and A.M. Roberts.