Letter to the Editor: Sports coverage should include all teams

Diane Huang, Online Editor-in-Chief


I am surprised at the seeming lack of recognition given to some athletes at SPA!

Football, soccer and hockey no doubt are some of our country’s most popular sports, and SPA athletes playing these sports deserve acknowledgement. But to the exclusion of other athletes competing in other sports at SPA?

I am referring to the nine girls on the SPA swim team who practice and compete just as the other SPA athletes. It appears evident from the failure to even post the girl’s swim teams’ schedule or results on the RubicOnline website, just like ALL the other fall sports teams, that there is no consideration for the effort these athletes make for their sport and pride they have representing SPA.

How about a shout out to the nine SPA swimmers and recognition of their efforts and accomplishments by including them in the SPA community rather than flat out ignoring them?!

James Greeman


Dear Mr. Greeman,

Thank you for your letter; we value the feedback of readers and their investment in our coverage.

Although covering all SPA sports teams is important to us, we made the decision to focus on the new football team during the first two weeks of school; the co-op has been an evolving story and providing game coverage of their early performance on our website was set as an intentional priority.  This was by no means a decision to cover a sport based off of national popularity. As a publication, The Rubicon will be covering all fall sports teams in our September print edition.

Publishing sports scores and schedules is a new feature on our website this fall; we are currently experiencing technical challenges that make it difficult to post game days and scores for all teams. It is not our intention to omit schedules and scores, and we are working to remedy the problem as quickly as we can.

Thank you for following sports on RubicOnline and for sharing your concern. We assure you that The Rubicon strives for and values the full coverage of our school’s athletics.


Diane Huang, Online Editor-in-Chief