Delgado outlines Homecoming “tp wars” expectations


Diane Huang

Dean of Students Max Delgado recently notified students about the consequences of tp-ing properties after events last year.

Noor Qureishy, The Rubicon Managing Editor

As this year’s Homecoming approaches, Dean Delgado outlined expectations around “tp-wars,” an activity that has become more and more popular among students over the past few years.

Delgado addressed students and families in an email Friday afternoon that highlighted the problems tp wars have caused in previous years.

In the letter, Delgado wrote, “As a community committed to respect, and positive school spirit, we can’t condone these practices.”

More information about expectations around tp wars will come to students in an upcoming assembly and from their athletic coaches. Last year, there were cases where families reported property damage that often caused long-term or permanent damage to their homes from shaving cream and sand.

“[Tp wars] have a history that’s gone back a while…last year was especially bad; [there was] an escalation from the year before,” Delgado said.

Even though tp wars occur outside of school, any activity that impacts the school’s day-to-day operations or students’ learning and safety negatively can be disciplined. Although the administration doesn’t have a set rubric to determine the consequences a student would face if this expectation is violated, they do reserve the right to “respond to a situation that makes a students feel targeted in the community,” Delgado said.

Homecoming week begins on Sept. 19.