Senior Speech Illustrations: Week 17 pt. 2

Diane Huang, Director of RubicOnline

Below are the illustrations of excerpts from the senior speeches given on Friday, Jan. 27.

Diane Huang
“I simply took it as fact that I was exceptional— not only a special snowflake, but the destined ruler of snowflakes,” senior Ivan Gunther said during his senior speech on Friday, Jan. 27


Diane Huang
“There’s no possible way to have an awkward conversation about pizza rolls,” senior Lauren Hansen said during her senior speech on Friday, Jan. 27.
Diane Huang and Iya Abdulkarim
“Consistent comparison without recognition of individuality strips identity,” senior Drew O’Hern said during his senior speech on Friday, Jan. 27.


Iya Abdulkarim
“If the purpose of stories is to offer insight about the world and the people in it, then comics as a medium and the multiversal stories they seem inexorably linked to are perhaps the greatest stories of all,” senior Andrew Michel said during his speech. The illustration lacks the word ’are’ towards the end of the quote.