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Combat ignorance by embracing discussions about current events

BE IN THE KNOW. Education is the way to combat ignorance. Staying up to date with current events means having a better understanding of the community and being apart of one. (Yassin Mokbel)

When conversations about current events, especially global events, come up in advisory or assemblies, a sentiment frequently expressed is “Why should I care?” or “How does this affect me?” This way of thinking is reductive and harmful, and students need to move away from that attitude.

The reality is that a lot of discussions about current events, especially ones that involve tragedy can be uncomfortable. With a large workload that can feel stressful for many students, the last thing many students want to do with their free time is to have hard conversations.

However, the importance of these discussions cannot be understated. As humans, we have an obligation to care about each other. Even if it can be hard to see how we’ve connected to people hundreds of thousands of miles away, we’re all the same.

As humans, we have an obligation to care about each other.

— Yassin Mokbel

Another common sentiment is, “It doesn’t matter if I know, it won’t help anyone suffering.” However, even the smallest of actions can make a difference. Being informed, posting on social media and people advocating for what they believe in is incredibly important. Actions like these are how people’s voices are noticed. When voices are noticed, that is when change happens. It is as simple to start by spending 10 minutes reading the news every day. Find what connects to your values, and be willing to support it.

The blame is not fully on students, though. SPA has a lack of current event coverage in its curriculum. This leaves students who are removed from social media and the news lacking the necessary information.

Additionally being informed allows you to educate others. All it takes is one person to be more informed for the whole SPA community, and the world at large, to become better.

It can be hard to stay informed and have discussions on events that are so separated from the community. Despite that, staying up to date with current events remains a necessity, especially when we’re not taught about them on a regular basis. Knowing what is happening in the world is the first step to becoming a more educated and caring person.

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Yassin Mokbel, Staff Writer
My name is Yassin Mokbel(he/him). I work as a Staff Writer for The Rubicon, RubicOnline, and Ibid yearbook. At school, I’m involved in fencing, tennis, and MSA. I love to watch movies and listen to music. I can be reached at [email protected].

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