Top five beats of 2021


Joel Dinda (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0):

MASTER PLAN. PolyMet prepares to use the former LTV taconite plant at the Erie Mining Company site in Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota for processing the non-ferrous ores. Henderson clarified the difference between Twin Metals and PolyMet; he said, “PolyMet and Twin Metals are the project-specific entities that have handled the development of the respective projects in Minnesota. Both are held by larger, multi-national companies (Glencore for PolyMet, Antofagasta for Twin Metals).”

Every member of staff is assigned a beat that they follow throughout the school year. Beats are unique sustained coverage topics and stories that cover a wide variety of sections and topics ranging from sports to opinion stories. Below are our top five beat stories of 2021.

1. SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS (Elizabeth Trevathan)
A series of monthly stories covering topics on sustainability and ethics around the world. The top story from this series is focused accompanies hopes to develop Minnesota’s first non-ferrous mine.

2. WorkLife (Hazel Waltenbaugh)
A series of monthly stories following people in different fields of work, ranging from therapy to dentistry, in order to better understand what they do, and their profession in general. The top story from this series is focused on Perry Moriearty, an Associate Professor of Law and the Co-Director of Law Clinics at the University of Minnesota, and her story through different cases.

3. Cultures @ SPA (Elle Chen)
This beat follows the wide variety of cultures rooted in SPA’s culture. The top story from this series is about the Mid-Autumn Festival and the food intertwined with the holiday.

4. SPOTIFY PLAYLIST (Zekiah Juliusson)
A series of monthly stories focused on hype-up playlists used by countless different teams at SPA. Every team creates its own playlist, which is used before games to get the players in the right mindset. The top story from this series was focused on the Girls Varsity Soccer team and the fun playlist that was put together by the team’s captains.

This beat focuses on people in the SPA community that have volunteered or done any other form of help for the good of the community. The top story from this series was focused on Kate Jacobs, a sophomore at SPA, who volunteered at several food shelters like Feed My Starving Children and VEAP.