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Captains impart wisdom on their spring teams

The Spartan Ultimate team rallies around captain Sydney Therien

Annika Rock, News Editor

May 16, 2020

With spring sports being cancelled, captains express their disappointment and hopes for next years' teams.

Spring sports captains look forward to oncoming season

The track team practices inside the gym while they still aren't able to get outside.

Tristan Hitchens-Brookins, RubicOnline Editor

March 18, 2019

Captains of the spring sports talk about what they individually excited for and what they are looking forward to in their upcoming seasons.

Financial assistance should extend to certain sports equipment

Fencing is a sport that requires lots of equipment, making it expensive.

Kelby Wittenberg, RubicOnline Editor

October 17, 2018

Students that receive financial assistance should also be entitled to sports gear bought through the school.

New sports leadership meetings coach captains into role-models

US athletic director Andrea Schmidt

Kelby Wittenberg, RubicOnline Editor

September 25, 2018

US Athletic Director Andrea Schmidt has started a new leadership initiative aimed at teaching a new type of leadership.

Minter strives pay it forward as a coach

Track coach Kellan Minter works with a member of the boys track team in the early part of the season. Minter hopes he can be the same good influence on his team that his coaches were on him.
 “I learned more from [my coaches] about being a good person than I did about sports in general,” he said.

Maren Ostrem, Staff Writer

May 10, 2018

Minter believes that a good coach is key to a good experience on a team. “I had a lot of really good coaches in high school and just growing up in general,” Minter said.

Jake Me Out to the Ballgame: Spring sports need to start later

Jake Me Out to the Ballgame is a monthly sports column by Sports Editor Jake Adams.

Jake Adams, RubicOnline Editor

April 23, 2018

The snow delayed and cancelled so much of the spring season; MSHSL needs to consider when this season should actually start.

PHOTO GALLERY: Varsity baseball continues winning streak

Senior Emerson Egly winds up to throw home in a game against Providence Academy. Egly has over 30 strikeouts this year and leads the Spartans in RBI's.

Web Lehmann, Creative Design Manager

May 19, 2017

The SPA baseball team has been having a great season with 5 consecutive wins in the past 2 weeks.

JV and Varsity Softball join forces

Kathleen Bishop catches and prepares to throw the softball

Lucy Sandeen, Staff Writer

April 25, 2017

Combination of teams revitalizes play and builds stronger bonds.

United Lacrosse faces tough first opponent; falls to Breck School 12-7

The game ends. Final Score: 12-7.

Javier Whitaker-Castañeda, Editor-in-Chief

April 19, 2017

United Lacrosse played their first game of the season on 18 April, 2017.

Trap Team aims for success and clay targets

Freshman Riley Tietel takes aim at a clay pigeon during trap practice.

Javier Whitaker-Castañeda, Managing Editor

May 6, 2016

St.Paul Academy and Summit School's trap team aims to hit goals as well as clay targets.