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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

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ROSCOE. James Englands German Shepherd smiles for the camera. Roscoe was named after the childhood dog of Englands mother. [His name] makes Roscoe seem more like his own individual and not just like everybody else,” England said. (Submitted Photo: James England)

[WHAT’S IN A NAME?] Students discuss pet names and their importance

Greyson Sale, RubicOnline November 14, 2023
Naming pets is crucial to a strong pet-owner relationship.
Humans of their dogs

Humans of SPA…plus their dogs

Taryn Karasti, Staff Writer December 8, 2022
Dogs have a certain (bow) wow factor for the people who love them.
Having a gerbil as a important family member can change ones own experience about owning a pet.

The beauty of uniqueness: the cool pets at SPA

August Gaspard, Staff Writer May 17, 2022
Idioms can stretch further than "raining dogs and cats" and common pets only. Freshman Bobby Peres has showcased that owning a pet gerbil can also be an incredible experience.
Animals square off for battle in Super Auto Pets.

[GAME REVIEW] Super Auto Pets: a wildly fun time

PJ Bohjanen, Staff Writer April 17, 2022
Need a little distraction over Spring Break? Try Super Auto Pets. It is a refreshing and relaxing game that can be enjoyed by practically anyone.
Shes still a puppy, so shes super energetic. It can be a lot to deal with sometimes, but I can tell weve built a bond already.

Dogs + Snow: We Know

Jonas Bray, Photojournalist February 6, 2021
A small gallery of dogs in snow, a combination that either gets people laughing or weirded out.
Junior Henry Cheney holds his dog.

Cheney describes his Pavlovian dog

Melissa Nie, RubicOnline Editor February 13, 2019
Monty, a medium-sized Cavachon dog, has brought interesting experiences to junior Henry Cheney’s life.
Sophomore Adeline DeHarpporte with her cat Fen.

[PEOPLE AND PETS] DeHarpporte recounts misguided cat lady

Melissa Nie, RubicOnline Editor January 11, 2019
The world of stray cats can be messy, especially when humans get involved.
One of Sniders cats. Duppy. Pets just make everything better. If you can get a pet, you should get a pet because they’re just always there,” she said.

[PEOPLE AND PETS] Snider shows fondness for animals through numbers

Melissa Nie, RubicOnline Editor November 15, 2018
Most people have around one to five pets. Junior Anna Snider has eight: one bunny, two dogs, and five cats.
Junior Savita Yopp pets her dog, Lily. “Lily is such a lemon. Anything and everything will make her sick. It is ridiculous. I totally love her though,” Yopp says.

[PEOPLE AND PETS] Loud but lovable: Yopp talks about her dogs

Melissa Nie, RubicOnline Editor September 12, 2018
Junior Savita Yopp has cared for her two dogs, Jake and Lily, since elementary school.
Emilia (11) and Ellie (9) Hoppes puppy, Wally. Dogs were the most common pet according to poll results.

Infographic: Does SPA have more cat or dog people?

Melissa Nie, Illustrator May 9, 2017
Students and faculty responded to questions about their four-legged (or no-legged) friends: what type of pet do you have? How many pets do you have?

Freshman Ewan Lang owns uncommon Tibetan terrier

Noor Qureishy, Staff Writer February 24, 2014

Not many can boast of a foreign, relatively uncommon pet; freshman Ewan Lang is one of a select few with his outlandish canine, a Tibetan terrier, hailing from Nepal. “[They] were used as companion...

“I loved him right away, he was the prettiest horse. He needed a lot of training but I knew he had the potential to be really competitive, Olson said.

Sophomore Andrea Olson expresses affection for pet horse

Noor Qureishy, Staff Writer February 21, 2014

Every little girl dreams of having her very own stallion, straight from the pages of Black Beauty; riding horses through glimmering, dew-covered grass, feeding little cubes of sugar to long-legged colts. For...

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