[GAME REVIEW] Super Auto Pets: a wildly fun time


Screenshot: Team Wood Games.com

Animals square off for battle in Super Auto Pets.

Animals are one thing that can just brighten almost everyone’s day with their funny antics and usually cute appearance. A fan of animals would find Super Auto Pets, a strategy game, an all-around fun time.

Super Auto Pets is a game created by relatively new game developers called Team Wood. Super Auto Pets as an app on a phone has over one million downloads and that isn’t even counting the number of downloads it has on Steam or how many people play it on the website. It is a constantly updating online game, that has players playing against other people around the world that can also be played with friends.

The game starts with a basic screen of various game mode options, settings, and an in-game store for vanity items. The game also plays music that absolutely slaps, it just has a very chill and inviting vibe that sets the tone for the rest of the game. Choosing the biggest option labeled “Arena Mode” brings the player to the basic game.

Players start with 10 lives and 10 gold, a line of some cute animals and another line of food. This is the shop and any animal or food item in there is worth three gold. Don’t try to get more: resetting the store in hopes of getting different animals or food costs one gold.

All of the animals have a different amount of health and attack power but the most important thing about each animal is that they have different abilities so players get the chance to make many different strategies. Also, the animals have very cute designs that add to the charm of the game. Buying the animals and putting them in a line is what follows and putting certain animals in a different order with their unique abilities allows for combinations in combat.

Trying to make the best combinations possible is really amusing because of how open many possibilities there are. Spending gold on the food can give certain pets extra health or things like that.

The game is nothing groundbreaking but for its genre, it is a refreshing and relaxing game that can be enjoyed by practically anyone.”

Once the player has used all of their gold they are ready to enter the first round. Loading into matches occasionally takes some time but it isn’t too bad. They would get randomly paired with another person to see whose line of animals has the best combinations.

Whoever has lost all of their animals first loses and they lose one life for each remaining animal the opponent has and once someone has lost all 10, they lose in arena mode. Whoever wins gets a trophy and one needs 10 trophies to win in the arena mode. Winning provides quite the challenge to the player as there can be very skilled opponents, but the struggle keeps the player wanting to improve.

After a sweet victory or painful defeat, the player returns back to the shop with 10 more gold to buy more animals or food for their team of pets and the whole process repeats itself until someone gets 10 trophies or loses 10 times. As the rounds progress more animals become available to the player. Upon the end of arena mode, they are given a certain amount of in-game currency that they can spend in the store on vanity items but packs of in-game currency are also available for purchase.

Playing with friends through the versus mode of the game also is very enjoyable as one gets to spend time trying to beat their friends. Playing and discussing the game is another level of fun because everyone can talk about strategies.

Overall the game is very good with simplistic but cute graphics. The game is nothing groundbreaking but for its genre, it is a refreshing and relaxing game that can be enjoyed by practically anyone. It can be a little hard to get into the game because some people are very good at it but it’s very easy to get the hang of.