The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

UM-TEE-UMP. Students engage in a game of Blooket at the University of Minnesota UMTYMP program. Weekly classes consist of an hour of lectures and an hour of small-group work. My favorite part is the workshop because it’s [with] the same group every time, so you really get to know the kids in your group, freshman Zack Berchenko said.

UMTYMP invigorates students’ interest in math

Greyson Sale, RubicOnline March 12, 2024
Various SPA students are in or have participated in the University of Minnesota Talented Youth Mathematics Program, and they've all had unique experiences with the alternative math program.
Alphadoku? Lower Schilling is up for the challenge.

Alphadoku? Lower Schilling is up for the challenge.

Marius Elias Morse February 15, 2023
Alphadoku, an extremely complex version of sudoku, resides in lower Schilling for all students to try to solve.
EN ROUTE. Keel and her teammates traveled to California for the Berkeley Math Tournament on Nov. 6.

Keel represents Minnesota at Berkeley Math Tournament

Tommy Verhey, Director of RubicOnline November 18, 2022
Along with her peers on the All-State Math Team, junior Bridget Keel traveled to California to compete on Nov. 6.
 Sheffert enjoys partaking in activities that work his mind like puzzles, chess and more casually, video games.

Math teacher Zach Sheffert fills his free time with disc golf games and mind games

Catherine Hooley and Alexandra Cardwell September 1, 2021
Upper School math teacher Zach Sheffert enjoys partaking in activities that are both physically and mentally challenging.
The return to school plan includes daily temperature checks and symptom reports, wearing masks at all times and practicing social distancing.

Are we really prepared to go back to school? Yes.

Thomas Reinhart, RubicOnline September 17, 2020
The back to school plan does everything possible to make it safe for students to return to the building.
Here, LeMinh (far right) is at a Gophers game with her two sisters.

[Q&A] Meet new US math teacher Lauren LeMinh

Elle Chen, Production Manager September 16, 2020
New to the US math department, Lauren LeMinh is teaching H Algebra 2 and Precalculus for her first year as a teacher.
TI was one of the first graphing calculators to exist and become accessible for students to buy, so they have become the universal class necessity. As their price remains well over $100 for the 16th year, thousands of students around the country cant afford higher math education purely because of the cost of a calculator.

It doesn’t add up: TI-84 isn’t the only option

Elizabeth Trevathan, RubicOnline February 20, 2020
TI's monopoly on graphing calculators makes for unnecessary challenges for students to succeed despite their access to money, but the change starts with the syllabus. 
Sophomores Esther Allen, Sarina Charpentier, and Judah Thomas work together to piece together the last hint.

School-wide scavenger hunt leaves advisories craving for annual tricks and treats

Elle Chen, RubicOnline November 7, 2019
The Lockwood advisory scavenger hunt turned into a school-wide event as twenty-four advisories participated.
This is the U of M building where Chang takes his PSEO classes.

Chang describes his experience in a PSEO class

Will Schavee, RubicOnline November 1, 2019
Richard Chang takes PSEO classes at the University of Minnesota to further his knowledge of a subject he loves.
Junior Maxanne Millerhaller joined the math team this year. She said, I think I was a little nervous that the team wouldn’t all of a sudden accept a new junior member but all of the people on the team have been really nice to me.

Millerhaller takes math to the ‘limit’

Bobby Verhey, Social Media Manager October 31, 2019
Junior Maxanne Millerhaller shares her experiences on her first year on Math Team.

[Q&A] Mr. Turner talks teaching

Lucy Benson, Managing Editor October 15, 2019
Upper school math teacher Jasper Turner tells about his teaching experiences.
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