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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

READING ABOUT PRIDE. There has been a display of LGBT centered book and authors the SPA library.

A breakdown of LGBTQ+ History Month

Thomas Chen, RubicOnline November 4, 2023

  Chen: We all know about Pride Month. It's a month of lively parades, parties, shows, and all kinds of activities celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. But have you ever heard of LGBT History...

US counselors provide a safe space as teen depression rates rise

US counselors provide a safe space as teen depression rates rise

Eliana Mann, RubicOnline April 17, 2023
CDC reports soaring rates of depression among female and LGBTQ+ youth.
Coffee Chats expand LGBTQ+ home to school connection

Coffee Chats expand LGBTQ+ home to school connection

Johanna Pierach, The Rubicon March 15, 2023

Community. Connection. Support. One thing they all have in common is that they are essential in any circumstance, but especially when it comes to underrepresented identities one example being the LGBTQ...

Education Isnt Dangerous

[ARTS OPINION] A book is banned? All the more reason to read it.

Nora Seifert, Staff Writer March 6, 2023
Education does not take away a child’s innocence, experiences do.
ARE ALL WELCOME? Trans visibility, safety, and belonging need to be embraced by everyone.

Do away with homophobia and transphobia, especially against youth

Zimo Xie, Staff Writer March 1, 2023
Don't say gay laws set a dangerous precedent for learning and cloud an issue that is often misunderstood.

Cosmetic expression: both genderless and genderful

Eve Sampsell-Jones, The Rubicon November 4, 2021

The concept of beauty is always in flux. It’s always being redefined and societal perceptions of beauty are always changing. There’s nothing about beauty that’s static- when one thinks they’ve...

Consfusion and indecisiveness have become a commonality with the 2020 election.

Amy Klobuchar 2020: Celebration. Controversy. Confusion.

Clara Garner, Staff Writer May 24, 2019
Amy Klobuchar's announcement to run for president was met with enthusiasm, a little sexism, and brings up the question of values.
The Day of Silence took place on Apr. 12 this year, but members of the GSA decided not to host or encourage participation: “If LGBTQ people’s voices around the world are erased every day in schools, why should we have to continue that silence, just in a more noticeable way?” GSA president Zoe Hermer-Cisek said.

GSA moves away from Day of Silence

Meagan Massie, Rubicon Editor April 14, 2019
The Gender and Sexuality Acceptance club has decided to move away from the Day of Silence because they no longer want to be silent. They want to speak out and move people to enact change.
In Raveena Auroras Temptation music video, Aurora and Giannina Oteto lie on flower petals in a stunning visual metaphor for their love.

[REVIEW] Raveena Aurora sings of love and community

Melissa Nie, RubicOnline Editor November 30, 2018
Indian-American musician Raveena Aurora's songs provide a doorway into a brighter world.
The lack of LGBTQ+ characters in the recent Star Wars film sets a dangerous precedent.

Star Wars (still) doesn’t include LGBT storylines

Maren Ostrem, Staff Writer February 20, 2018
The new Star Wars movie lacks any representation of LGBTQ+ characters, this is an inexcusable


Aaron Datta November 26, 2017
National Coming Out Day showed how compassionate SPA can be. Let’s continue that kindness.
11th grader Zoe Hermer-Cisek runs the Coming Out Stand

GSA impacts community with LGBTQ+ Month

Noah Raaum, Videographer November 1, 2017
Reflecting on the activities and events during LGBTQ+ History Month
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