Amy Klobuchar 2020: Celebration. Controversy. Confusion.


Flickr CC: Lorie Shaull

Consfusion and indecisiveness have become a commonality with the 2020 election.

With President Trump’s third year in office underway, Americans are beginning to start thinking about the 2020 presidential election. Many announcements of runners, including Amy Klobuchar, are recently released and people are talking about how the 2020 election will look.

People are generally happy when hearing about Klobuchar’s running, but many have begun to talk about the drawbacks, such as the questionable mistreatment of employees. The problem with these types of issues doesn’t have anything to do with politics and has more to do with personal values.  In these cases, there are people who would otherwise support a candidate, supporting another, or even refraining from voting.

Would the concerns seem as big of a deal if Klobuchar were a man?

At the same time, this is an issue of personal values; would the concerns seem as big of a deal if Klobuchar were a man? Taking this question into consideration, it’s also important to remember that this far into the race it is difficult to tell how big of a deal this is to the possible voters for Klobuchar.

It is essential to do the research prematurely rather than later on in the race, especially after how the last race went. Americans saw that knowledge is power when it comes to knowing about your pick for candidate and controversies like this made the last election difficult for people all across the political spectrum. As our country is very polarized at this point, it is essential to find someone who is appealable to a broader variety of people and someone who can take action and try to solve the commonly disputed problems the United States is having.

Now getting closer and closer to the election there are more announcements of runners, including many women and women of color running, which changes things significantly for Amy, Amy supporters, and Democrats; due to her no longer being one of the only women in the race, her desirability as a future president could be lowered. Meaning that with this change she is no longer one of the only women in the race; there are many other women that may be able to appeal to a bigger audience than Amy, especially because of all the controversy around how she would do as president.

Think about who is the best candidate to vote for in the 2020 election. Make sure to ask if the pick would not only would do well as a president but also if they represent your personal values.

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