The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

THE BOKEH DESIGNS. Freshmen Eva Johnson and Sofia Rivera featured from left to right. One day biology teacher Rachel Yost-Dubrow approached River and freshman Margaret Bonin to come up with a homecoming t-shirt design. We knew that the shirt was glow-in-the-dark, but we didnt know how else to interpret it. Some teachers gave us ideas like inserting glow-in-the-dark animals like jellyfish, but we wanted it to be more cohesive. So we came up with the idea of embedding bokeh, Rivera said.

FRIDAY DRESS UP: Blue and gold day showcases strong school spirit

Rita Li, Creative Design Manager October 7, 2023
Students from all grades decorated their face with face paint and dressed up in creative ways. Do you have a pair of Spartan PJ pants?
ANYTHING GOES. From left to right, Seniors Claire Kim, Melina Kannankutty, Eli Peres and Eliza Farley proudly show off their miscellaneous non-backpacks. Peres went all out, bringing a skeleton complete with clothes and its own backpack.

WEDNESDAY DRESS UP: Anything but a backpack shows off creativity

Eliana Mann and Clara McKoy October 5, 2023
The halls were flooded with laundry baskets, wagons, grocery bags and pet cages yesterday.
[QUIZ] Homecoming through the years

[QUIZ] Homecoming through the years

Eliana Mann, Production Manager October 4, 2023
Take this quiz to test your knowledge about the history of homecoming at SPA.
FIRST TIME IN A LONG TIME. Upper school students walk towards the bleachers on Lang Field for the all-school assembly. This was the first joint assembly in 30 years.

K-12 student body comes together for joint assembly

Greyson Sale, RubicOnline October 3, 2023
An all-school assembly was held today on Lang Field.
DOUBLE VICTORY. The Clean-Up crew celebrates after beating junior team The Ballhandlers in the semifinal. Team-member Mia Collins says that she was strategically a sacrificial player. “I think everyone is just really good, besides me, so they wanted me to be the sacrifice kinda. I tried my best. she said.

Spartans bring supportive spirit to Tuesday’s dodgeball tournament

Siri Pattison, RubicOnline October 3, 2023
Student teams competed to determine who will face the faculty team on Friday.
HERE I COME. Junior Aidan Willams strikes the incoming ball to his opponents.

Ping pong tournament sets up a legendary battle

Thomas Chen, RubicOnline October 3, 2023
Two time defending champions Maik Nguyen and Baasit Mahmood attempt to become ping pong legends in a battle against passionate ping pong club members Rita Li and Aidan Williams.
SHINING STARS. This year’s homecoming shirt design features a glow-in-the-dark logo with stars and bokeh-inspired circles. “It’s fun to do something kind of artsy, ... but still sticking with the theme,” Sofia Rivera said. Submitted by Sophia Rivera

Got a shirt? Homecoming designers foster creativity

Sonia Kharbanda, The Rubicon October 1, 2023

Disco, outer space, Western, and now glow: past and current homecoming dance themes have dominated September conversation. As the biggest show of school spirit and the first dance of the year, homecoming...

LETS GLOW. The Student Activities Committee has selected glow-in-the-dark as this years homecoming theme, and students are encouraged to dress this way for the homecoming dance. Additionally, SAC created t-shirts that members of the SPA community can buy, which do indeed glow in the dark.

Early peek into homecoming week

Lani Ngonethong, RubicOnline September 12, 2023
With homecoming just two weeks away, the countdown begins for dress-up days, athletic competitions, the school dance and more.
Homecoming week ends with disco dance

Homecoming week ends with “disco” dance

Ivy Raya and Marius Elias Morse September 25, 2022
Saturday's event included a photo booth and games in Redleaf Commons, and a DJ in the gym.
CLOSE ONE. Captain Yash Kshirsagar anxiously watches his teammates after a failed offensive attack.

BVS ties in a tough Homecoming Game

Ali Browne, RubicOnline September 25, 2022
After a challenging homecoming game, the boys varsity soccer team is 3-3-3.
LETS ALL DO THE SPARTAN BEAT. Senior Spartan Tommy Verhey leads the students and faculty in chanting The Spartan Beat, an SPA tradition.

Fifth day of Homecoming brings tough competitions and lots of laughter

Eliana Mann and Davan Rosen September 24, 2022
The annual Pep Fest closes out the school day with spirited chants, games and challenges.
FRIDAY FESTIVITIES. A group of sophomores showing off their Blue and Gold Day outfits had their game faces on for the last day of Homecoming week. Sawyer Bollinger-Danielson said, Im so excited for the [soccer] game. Last year I didnt get to watch because I was playing, but this year Im excited to see the boys win.

FRIDAY DRESS UP: Blue and Gold Day shows off Spartan spirit

Eliana Mann, RubicOnline September 23, 2022
The last day of Homecoming week offers a display of festive outfits representing the SPA community.
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