Class representative election results for USC, DC, SAC, announced


Clare Tipler

Sophomore Eli Striker was elected as a class representative for SAC. “I’m pumped,” Striker said.

Clare Tipler, Online Production Manager

With seniors engaged in their off-campus projects, rising ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth graders gave speeches to their grade levels and were elected into class representative positions. Below are the results of the St. Paul Academy and Summit School elections:


Upper School Council

Rising 9th Grade: Lath Akpa, Max Zelle

Rising 10th: Tom Jaeger, Nora Povejsil, Jonah Spener

Rising 11th: Breandan Gibbons, Rahul Dev, Brian Orza

Rising 12th: Diane Huang, Jack Indritz, Coleman Thompson



Discipline Committee

Rising 9th Grade: Zach Dyar, Henry Vlietstra, Paige Indritz (alternate)

Rising 10th: Zoe Hermer-Cisek (alternate), William Welsh, Kelby Wittenberg

Rising 11th: Sorcha Asche (alternate), Emilia Hoppe, Noah Solomon

Rising 12th: Ewan Lang, Colin O’Hern, Peter Schavee (alternate)



Student Activities Ccommittee

Rising 9th Grade: Eric Bottern, Sharee Roman, Pia Schultz

Rising 10th: Ethan Asis, Annie Bottern, Kaia Larsen, Max Moen

Rising 11th: Ryan Kutz, Eli Striker, Turab Naqvi, Cam Walsh

Rising 12th: Mary Grant, Drew O’Hern, Cara Pomerantz, Shelby Tietel