Varsity Volleyball plays for love of the game


Clare Tipler

SET, SPIKE, HIT. The Varsity Volleyball team faces off against St. Croix Highschool.

The Girls Volleyball team is doing their part in supporting breast cancer awareness and research this season with their annual Dig Pink Rally. Last year the team raised $600 for the foundation, and they hope to exceed that amount this year by creating more hype around the event.

“Everybody needs to come to the game and help us spread awareness for breast cancer. It’s on October 17th at 6:00 pm, we’re competing against Holy Angels, and everyone wears pink,” junior Ashley Jallen said.

The team thinks of an analogy every game, to light a competitive fire and to motivate the team towards victory. By using a metaphorical pie to represent the team’s victory, they do whatever it takes to be able to eat the pie at the end of the game, and take home the win. They will win the pie with their overall skill, competitive spirit, and determination.

“We’re going to put one hundred percent into each and every game; we’re getting that pie,” sophomore Lucie Hoeschen said.

The Varsity Volleyball team is made up of mostly underclassmen, with a great love for the game. They are very close as a team and they love spending time together on and off the court.

“This season we’re going to improve as a team and keep getting better for seasons to come,” sophomore Blythe Rients said.