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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

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Club Fair continues old traditions while nurturing new communities

There are only three occasions every year when one can find Lilly Courtyard packed with students: graduation, yearbook distribution day and the Club Fair. Last Friday, during tutorial, the upper school hosted its annual Club Fair. A whopping 53 clubs, affinity groups, club sports, and special interest groups presented themselves to the student body.

David Hsu, leader of the Nuclear Club, said, “To me, the Club Fair is a window for students to see the community, interests, and diversities of the school.”

That day, student leaders left their Period 7 classes early to prepare. When tutorial started, the courtyard already resembled an ants’ nest, brimming with students, teachers, conversation, activity and laughter. As per Club Fair tradition, tables lined the sides of the garden walls. Student leaders stood behind them, presenting posters, holding out interest sheets and even handing out candy. There were also other fun activities and interesting items present. Upper School teacher Colton Werner was grilling hotdogs while the Engineering Club displayed their homemade boat on the other side of the courtyard.

Many motivations allowed for such a large fair. Most participants were from previously existing groups looking to continue their legacies, such as the Pickleball Club. Regarding herself and co-leader Katy Devine, Helen Frost said, “We were kind of the only ones who showed up at the end of the year last year. So we wanted to make sure that lots of new students join and continue to show up throughout this year.”

Devine added, “It’s because we love it.”

To me, the Club Fair is a window for students to see the community, interests, and diversities of the school.

— David Hsu

However, there were also eight new clubs and one new affinity group this year. Whether it was personal interest, community building, resumes, or just having fun, all the new group leaders had some motivation fueling them. For freshman January Cook, who founded the Fish Club, making the community and world a better place is very important to her. “Not only does it look good on a college application, [but] I started this club because I’m passionate about marine activism and conservation. I really want to make a change at SPA throughout my four years here, and I also want to leave Minnesota a little bit better than how I found it,” Cook said.

Like the Fish Club and Pickleball Club, there is a unique story behind every group present at the fair. The Club Fair allows students to tell those stories and share their passions while also bringing together the diverse community of SPA. Following the fair, groups start meeting regularly, with affinity groups having already met yesterday and clubs meeting for the first time today.

This story was updated Feb. 17, 2024.

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