Top five news stories of 2019

The Rubicon searched for a balance between national news and news that comes from the St. Paul Academy and Summit School community. In 2019, writers continuously connected the small SPA community to topics that affected the larger world. From SPA setting goals for more diversity and St. Paul safety concerns to students fighting against climate change and President Trump’s visit to Minnesota, The Rubicon covered it all. Here are five of our favorite stories from 2019.

1. Families of color gathering sets goals for future by Melissa Nie

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“We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.”

2. U.S. will officially withdraw from Paris Climate Agreement by Elizabeth Trevathan

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Javier SanMiguel Yanez has to leave behind his Wife, Kayla, and his four children — Javier, Emilia, Isabel and Petra.

3. St. Paul Safety erodes as gun violence continues by Lara Cayci

4/ Climate strike unites Minnesota youth by Quinn Christenson, Liv Larsen, Lara Cayci, Lucia Granja, Tana Ososki, and Henry Burkhardt

5. Supporters follow Trump inside as protesters surround Target Center by Nikolas Liepins