Top five feature stories of 2020


The RubicOnline has produced many fun and engaging stories during 2020 which sought to inform the community while learning at home. The feature section covered everything from the historic 2020 election to the global pandemic. Take a look at the top five stories of 2020 in the feature section to read about pandemics, breaking gender boundaries in the Eagle Scouts, the 2020 election, cultural backgrounds and new businesses.

[THEN/NOW] Think pandemic closures are new? Look back a century. by Elle Chen and Mimi Huelster

First female Eagle Scout, Tunney offers inspiration for all by Alexandra Cardwell

Students react to historic 2020 election  by Elizabeth Trevathan, Lucia Granja, Elle Chen, Liv Larsen, Lynn Reynolds, Annika Rock, Bobby Verhey, Thomas Reinhart, and Will Schavee

Life between two worlds: students cozy up to to their cultural backgrounds by Elle Chen

Rahman and Raveedran start “Give Back MN” by Tana Ososki