Removal of senior lounge in 2018 is long overdue

Webster Lehmann, Creative Design Manager, Aureus Editor In Chief

Dean of students Max Delgado officially announced at the senior class meeting on Sept. 5 that the senior lounge will be disbanded upon completion of the Hugh K. Schilling Math and Science Building. This announcement has been met with disappointment, particularly from underclassmen; however, this disappointment is unwarranted and unnecessary.

[the senior lounge] is only used by one friend group. It is very selective.

— Brian Orza

There is an idealistic picture of what the senior lounge is that vastly differs from its actual use. Underclassmen envision junk food lining fridges, soft couches for lounging, TVs, and computer games available to all.

Although to some degree true, this ideal fails to include how gross and unproductive the senior lounge really is. It also fails to include that the senior lounge is home to a selective group of students. If you are not a member of the group (which tends to be whoever claims it first at the start of senior year) presence can be awkward and, at times, borderline noninclusive. Senior Brain Orza remarked that “[the senior lounge] is only used by one friend group. It is very selective.” Orza also remarked that the space “looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in ages.”

The cliquish attitude paired with the low maintenance, misuse of the space (playing video games), and violation of school rules (inappropriate language and conduct) should persuade any underclassmen that the senior lounge is not a space that deserves protest or unhappiness over its disbandment. After all, the underclassmen are giving up the senior lounge in return for a new and remodeled building spaces dedicated not only to math and science, but also to ample student social and study space.

That’s a trade that everyone should be happy about.