The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

SUSTAINING SPA. After implementing Meatless Wednesday, the Upper School Council (USC) moves towards planning Earth Week. USC members raise their hands to volunteer to run various stations and activities throughout the week.

USC launches Meatless Wednesdays to reduce carbon emissions

Lani Ngonethong, RubicOnline April 9, 2024
Meatless Wednesdays are a part of the sustainability proposal created by seniors Leo Benson, Henry Hilton and McKinley Garner.
DO GOOD. 32 participants supported the American Red Crosss cause of giving blood to cancer patients, accident victims, and others in need.

Students and faculty encouraged to donate in upcoming blood drive

Lani Ngonethong, RubicOnline February 24, 2024
USC's annual blood drive will occur Mar. 5 from 8 a.m.-2 p.m.
TESTING THE WATERS. Environmental Science students tested lake and river water for contaminants. “We tested the water for... nitrates, phosphates, pH, and dissolved oxygen,” senior Clare Kimmel said.

Class, elected group take action to preserve clean water

Amanda Hsu, Rubicon December 19, 2023
USC and Environmental Science classes are fighting for clean water.
WHERE DOES THIS GO. After using a tissue to clean up some spilt water, sophomore Carys Hsiung wonders which bin to to throw it in before dropping it into the one that says landfill.

USC takes first steps in recently passed sustainability proposal

Lani Ngonethong, RubicOnline November 13, 2023
The sustainability proposal includes 12 sections aiming to change the schools environmantal impact and defines how SPA can be more sustainable.
MAKE A CHANGE. USC sophomore representative Shefali Meagher looks over the SILC and USC liaison proposal she wrote. I think this [liaison] would be a good opportunity [for] USC and SILC, Meagher said.

Proposal for a SILC and USC liaison passed

Lani Ngonethong, RubicOnline October 5, 2023
SILC and USC will increase their collaboration to ensure all students are represented in their projects.
OVER-COMMUNICATION? OR UNDER WRAPS? There are a number of ways for Elected / Selected groups to engage with the student body, but that’s a two person process. If students want transparency from student groups, they need to actively communicate their feedback. On the other side, student groups should respond with concrete changes.

Elected hopefuls promised full transparency, but is that really what the student body wants?

Amanda Hsu, The Rubicon May 31, 2023
Many student candidates for elected positions built their platform on transparency, but that can easily become overwhelming for the student body.
ELECTION SHOWDOWN. Many of the freshman candidates for USC rep stand together after delivering their speeches in Huss. The process was new, exciting, and nerve-racking for a lot of them.

[ELECTION RESULTS] Class Representatives Announced

Shefali Meagher, RubicOnline May 11, 2023
CAST YOUR VOTE. Students in ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade who were running for class representative delivered their speeches in class meetings today, May 11. The results were announced in the afternoon on the same day.
BIG HENRY. Juniors Orion Kim and Henry Hilton took stage in an unusual manner. Hilton, who was in D.C. for a semester away program, wasn’t able to make an in-person appearance. Instead, two volunteers walked on stage with large cardboard cutouts.

Candidates find creative ways to reach voters during elections

Eliza Farley, The Rubicon May 10, 2023
Social media campaigns and cardboard cutouts brought a unique spin to the election season.
VOTE FOR ME. Rishi Bhargava and Humza Murad speak during X-Period assembly May 4 about their qualifications to become the new co-presidents of STC. A voting form was sent after assembly, and Bhargava and Murad will rise to the co-president position this month for next year.

[BREAKING NEWS] Student leadership announced

May 4, 2023

Officer speeches and the election began the process of securing student leadership for 23-24. Representative voting will take place May 11 in class meetings. USC: Co-Presidents: Henry Choi and Audrey...

BETTER PRODUCTS, PERIOD. USC member Cerena Karmaliani said, “We had a lot of complaints about the fact that [the current product applicators] are cardboard, there’s not different sizes [of period products], they don’t get re-stocked as frequently, and people don’t feel as comfortable going to the nurse for alternate products.” These complaints are the basis for the new subcommittees work.

USC launches trial run of new feminine hygiene products

Alison Mitchell, RubicOnline March 9, 2023
USC aims to provide more inclusive period products to female-bodied students.
DONATE NOW. USC runs a sign up table in the English Commons on Feb. 20.

Blood drive planned to address nationwide blood shortage

Grace Medrano, The Rubicon March 7, 2023

The USA is experiencing a blood shortage. In Jan. 2020, Red Cross declared its first-ever national blood crisis, desperate for donations. The Upper School Council collaborates with a representative...

Let your creativity wander with budget support

Let your creativity wander with budget support

Mariam Malik, RubicOnline February 7, 2023
If you were to start a new club or new school tradition, how do you get funding? How does budget work? And what's the story behind requesting a budget?
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