The Rubicon

Dress code revision conversations resume

Upper School Council discusses dress code revisions at their meeting during Tutorial on May 16.  “We are tentatively taking out offensive language and subjective rules,”  former USC Secretary Cait Gibbons said.

Emily Thissen, Sports Editor

May 28, 2014

Dress code is a commonly debated subject amongst high school students. At St. Paul Academy and Summit School, it is no different. From someone being asked to change, to confusion about what the actual dress code means, there is always chatter about these policies in particular. During the recent Upper...

Seniors say final goodbyes at graduation

The Class of 2014 poses for a class photo on the front lawn during senior project check-in on May 15.

Amodhya Samarakoon, Opinions Editor

May 28, 2014

Some have been with the school since Kindergarten, others have only been members of the school community since their sophomore year. Regardless, the Class of 2014 will say goodbye to St. Paul Academy and Summit School at the end of their last year. On June 2, a Valedictory Dinner kicks off a host of...

Class Retreats facilitate transition

From left: seniors Ann Hill, Josh Johnson, Dylan White, Emun Solomon, Lowell Naas, and Bryant Carlson write notes during their retreat on April 2. “ A large part of the purpose is to... acknowledge where you’ve come from, and acknowledge where you’re going,”  SCLC advisor Eric Severson said.

Eva Perez-Greene, InDepth Editor

May 1, 2014

As seniors prepare to depart on Senior Project and juniors plan to rise to privileges, retreats help guide them on the path to their next step. Plans for junior retreat are underway and as the much anticipated tradition approaches, juniors, who’ve heard a wide variety of stories from their older...

Sophomore retreat encourages bonding, service

Upper School Counselor Susanna Short speaks to the sophomore class about togetherness and class cohesion. “[The sophomore retreat] was a really good way to get to know everyone without forcing a connection,” junior Delaney Carter said.

Catherine Braman, Sports Editor

February 13, 2014

Service, community building, and a mystery bus ride are all on the agenda for the sophomore retreat, originally scheduled on Feb. 6-7. However, the administration has made a few changes to the plan because of the recent school cancellations due to the cold weather. The all day component that was supposed...

The Dean weighs in on cheating

Judy Cummins, Dean of Students

December 20, 2013

The Upper School is a unique community where students and faculty live the shared values of trust, honesty and respect. Academic honesty is a key component of these values. I believe that our students do not take these expectations lightly and, consequently, when academic dishonesty occurs, it is a serious...

Looking Back: Dean of Students and psychology teacher Judy Cummins recollects a high school debate trip

Looking Back: Dean of Students and psychology teacher Judy Cummins recollects a high school debate trip

Diane Huang, Staff Writer

December 10, 2013

"I had never heard of St. Paul." Dean of Students and psychology teacher Judy Cummins recounts her teenage years when she attended an all-girls high school in Washington, D.C. She highlights a memorable trip to New York for a debate tournament, during which she lost her voice. This video is the third...

Seniors and parents prepare for brunch

Senior Nick Cohen poses for his senior brunch photo. “Generally it’s a time to come together with the parents, for whom senior year has a lot of emotional pulls,” Upper School Dean of Students Judy Cummins said.

Lucy Li, Managing Editor/Online Editor in Chief

November 24, 2013

Dark blue invitation cards arrived at the homes of seniors in late October, a new design inviting them to an old tradition of St. Paul Academy and Summit School: Senior Brunch. “The Senior Brunch is a kickoff to your senior year and it’s to celebrate all your accomplishments,” parent of senior...

Bring community service back into SPA equation

Sophomores are required to fulfill 12 hours of community service.

Boraan Abdulkarim, Cover Story Editor

November 21, 2013

As the school takes on new improvements over the years, it poses a threat of losing important defining characters and priceless experiences, such as community service. St. Paul Academy and Summit School requires only 12 hours of community service as a sophomore. “Tenth graders complain about 12 hou...

Seniors carry on a smashing tradition

Senior Aria Bryan helps her kindergarten partner carve into his pumpkin.

Lucy Li, Online Editor in Chief and Print Managing Editor

November 18, 2013

Pumpkin seeds fly into the air as kindergartners attempt to scoop out the insides of their pumpkins with their senior partners. Around 50 seniors on Oct. 28 drove to the Lower School to help out with the annual kindergarten pumpkin carving tradition, which has been in place for roughly 15 years. Senior...

Underclassmen animal lovers reconsider PAWS

A few of the freshmen interested in bringing PAWS back pose in the 9th grade hallway for a picture. “I was so excited to support something I really cared about,” freshman Sonia Sukumar said. Back row, left to right: Elena Macomber, Emily Schoonover, Shelby Teitle, Lauren Boettcher, Sammie Bluhm. Front row, left to right: Stephanie Li, Sonia Sukumar.

Amodhya Samarakoon, Staff Writer

October 29, 2013

Many of the animal-loving members of this year’s freshmen class were stirred up after discovering that the student interest group People for Animal Welfare had disbanded mid-last year, but they are passionate about bringing it back. The group PAWS faded around mid-last year, about three years after...