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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

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HOW ‘BOUT THEM APPLES. Debaters Henry Choi, David Schumacher, Deling Chen and Zain Kizilbash pose with their Minneapple trophies. Kizilbash had mixed feelings about the “...draining but overall worthwhile” tournament.

Debate takes a bite of the Minneapple Tournament

Carys Hsiung, Contributor November 9, 2023
SPA debate took on the Apple Valley Minneapple Debate Tournament Nov. 5-7
STUDENT SCIENTISTS. (FRONT) Aryun Nemani, Rita Li, Calvin He, Becca Richman, Julia Colbert. (BACK) Rishi Bhargava, Henry Choi, Humza Murad, Aaron Lindeman, Will Richardson, Gabriel Bangoura, Cassandra Zirps, Maryeva Gonzalez, Yash Kshirsagar.

Scientists find success at Twin Cities Science Fair

Nelson Wodarz, RubicOnline March 13, 2023
A number of students will move on to spring competitions, beginning with state on Mar. 24.
AIR PLANTER. Juniors Humza Murad and Rishi Bhargava make some last minute adjustments to their self-watering planter before class. “A lot of the process has been trial and error and learning from our mistakes,” Murad said.

STEM projects grow from curiosity

Orion Kim, The Rubicon December 7, 2022
Students in Advanced Topics and Advanced Science Research explore the vast realm of science through projects they are passionate about.
SPEAKING UP. Chinese residents have grown tired of  the strict and inhumane covid policies. Protests arise.

Restrictions eased in China, signaling a small victory for Zero-Covid policy protests

Zadie Martin, RubicOnline December 6, 2022
Shouts are ringing and signs are waving as people crowd the streets in protest, trying to override national censorship.
Sachs attended a summer camp that let her meet people from around the world. I still facetime them every night, Sachs said.

[UP FOR DEBATE] Ep. 1: Welcome to debate

Ivy Raya, Rubiconline writer October 6, 2022
Debate captain Maya Sachs explains how debate works and details her experience in the competitive world.
New and old K-pop fans in the Upper School explain its influence

New and old K-pop fans in the Upper School explain its influence

Rita Li, RubicOnline March 1, 2022
Henry Choi, Serene Kalugdan, and Rowan Hofmann take their stance on K-pop.
Aubrey “Drake” Graham is widely considered the greatest  rapper of all time. He is one of the most widely known artists of modern music.

[2 SIDES 1 ISSUE] Classical vs. modern music; which is more enjoyable?

Orion Kim, The Rubicon January 6, 2022
Playlist 2022: add more classical? Or new artists?
Evgeny Kissin performing in Jerusalem at the International Convention Center on Oct. 7, 2031. Kissin is one of the most accomplished pianists in the world and has performed an enormous amount of ‘classical’ repertoire.

Classical music is better

Orion Kim, The Rubicon January 6, 2022

According to sophomore Henry Choi, he thinks “that modern music is worse because, over time, music has gotten less complex, with very basic rhythm and melody, whereas classical music has many layers...

LISTEN UP. Sophomore Eliza Farley enjoys her downtime listening to her current favorite songs. I like listening to music because it’s both calming and fun, she said.

[SPA PLAYLIST] Music to listen to now

Orion Kim, The Rubicon September 24, 2021
Need some song recommendations? Students from every grade share their eclectic song lists in hand-curated playlists.
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