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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

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DO GOOD. 32 participants supported the American Red Crosss cause of giving blood to cancer patients, accident victims, and others in need.

Students and faculty encouraged to donate in upcoming blood drive

Lani Ngonethong, RubicOnline February 24, 2024
USC's annual blood drive will occur Mar. 5 from 8 a.m.-2 p.m.
DONATE NOW. USC runs a sign up table in the English Commons on Feb. 20.

Blood drive planned to address nationwide blood shortage

Grace Medrano, The Rubicon March 7, 2023

The USA is experiencing a blood shortage. In Jan. 2020, Red Cross declared its first-ever national blood crisis, desperate for donations. The Upper School Council collaborates with a representative...

Junior Adeline DeHarpporte accompanies her friend junior Anja Trierweiler who getting  her blood drawn for the first time.

American Red Cross comforts first-time blood donors

Elle Chen, RubicOnline February 11, 2020
Although the process of drawing blood only takes 10-20 minutes, the entire process of donating blood takes about an hour total.
Note: This image was previously published in RubicOnline

USC changes blood drive’s location and information systems to increase participation

Lara Cayci, RubicOnline November 5, 2019
USC has been working tirelessly to make changes in order to increase participation.
Students getting their blood drawn in the small gym

Blood Drive draws teachers, students

Tana Ososki, Interactive Storytelling Team February 19, 2019
The yearly SPA blood drive experienced some minor setbacks because of a late start due to snow, but USC ensured everything went smoothly.

The chance to donate blood should not be wasted

Michael Forsgren, Social Media Manager February 25, 2018
Donating blood is a completely safe and quick process which can save lives, people need to seriously consider it more.
Junior Reuben Vizelman, donates blood at the annual drive.

USC supports Red Cross through annual blood drive

Peter Blanchfield, Opinions Editor February 22, 2018
USC hosted its annual Red Cross Blood drive on Feb. 22, with over 30 people participating.
Blood Drive speaker Karla Fenstermaker spoke to students Tuesday morning in The Huss Center about donating blood

Blood Drive speaker emphasizes importance of donating

Webster Lehmann, Creative Design Manager February 6, 2018
In preparation for the annual blood drive, Upper School Student Council hosted American Red Cross representative Karla Fenstermaker to discuss the importance of blood donation.
37 years later, the Blood Drive still thrives

37 years later, the Blood Drive still thrives

Emily Thissen, RubicOnline Editor February 5, 2017
After starting in 1980, the Red Cross Blood Drive is still being hosted by SPA each year.
Senior Maggie Gallagher gives blood and senior Moira McCarthy supports her at the Jan. 31 Blood Drive. We organize the blood drive because people need blood and there are so many things that prevent people from donating, we want to make as many donations as possible, McCarthy said.

Annual Blood Drive ends in success, 29 units donated

Emily Thissen, RubicOnline Editor February 1, 2017
At the annual Red Cross Blood Drive, SPA students, faculty, and staff, donated 29 units of blood.
Red Cross workers collect blood donations in the small gym on Feb. 3. “It felt good, aside from a little wooziness. I’m happy I did it,” sophomore Joel Tibbetts said. The drive collected 31 units of blood.

Blood Drive succeeds, participation from faculty and students

Netta Kaplan, Managing Editor February 7, 2015
Over 50 students and faculty participated in the annual Blood Drive this year despite an earlier date being a set back for many 15-year old students.
Sophomore Ella Matticks checks out a Blood Drive poster in the athletic hallway, one of many posters posted around school. “I think [the Blood Drive] is a great thing our school does,” Matticks said.

Registration for Blood Drive begins

Emily Thissen, Sports Editor January 28, 2015
This year's Blood Drive will be held on Feb. 3.
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