History, Language classes occupy portables until fall 2018

Ellie Findell, RubicOnline Editor

Upper School history and language classes moved into portable classrooms after Spring Break and will stay there until fall of 2018. In total there are 12 teachers that have moved from their old locations in the Ordway Wing along Davern. The portable classrooms look surprisingly similar to the old classrooms, just a little narrower and longer. Teachers and students have both had time to test out the classrooms this week and provide feedback.

“I love how comfortable they’ve [administration] made these classrooms however it feels quite isolated out here,” said US Spanish teacher Pam Starkey.

Most teachers have brought the things that make their classrooms, their classrooms whether its LED lights in Ms. Ward’s room or pictures of famous world leaders in Dr. Hodges’ room. Students and teachers both have varying opinions on the new classrooms. While it’s not a very difficult walk right now to the classrooms, during the cold winter months it could be more difficult especially if theres not time to grab a coat.

I love how comfortable they’ve [administration] made these classrooms however it feels quite isolated out here

— US Spanish Teacher Pam Starkey

“I dislike that the rooms get uncomfortable quickly, either stuffy or too cold, depending on the weather outside,” junior Brian Orza said.

SPA is known for teaching classes that actively engage students whether through videos, games, or other activities. However, the close quarters of the classrooms can make it difficult for teachers to continue certain teaching methods.

Pam Starkey is kn0wn for facilitating an engaging classroom where students experience new ways of learning a language: “For me its difficult because enthusiasm is really important in my classroom however we can’t be very loud because the walls are thin,” she said.

While both teachers and students have said theres some things that make it harder to both learn and teach, there are many positive reactions.

“I like the portable classrooms a lot more than the old history classrooms actually,” junior Lark Smith said. “It provides a nice break to get outside.”

There are definitely pros and cons to the portable classrooms; however, the main pro of the new math and science wing should make it worth it.

“I like the fact that the students get a new, exciting space to learn in for the rest of the year,” junior Brian Orza said.