Morrisette holds sign making gathering for Line 3


Liv Larsen

Students make colorful signs protesting the oil pipeline Line 3 to be placed on student’s lawns.

“Halt Line 3,” “Protect our water,” “Water is life,” read signs created by students at the Stop Line 3 sign-making get together on Wednesday. Senior Addie Morrisette organized the sign making as a part of a project for her Literature of Resistance class. The sign-making gathering occurred at Cherokee Park and around 12 students attended. For their final project in the class, students had to organize and participate in an act of resistance against a movement of their choosing.
“I chose Line 3 because I was very inspired by the documentary we watched about the Standing Rock protests. After learning more about Line 3, I felt like it was a really pressing issue, and this was a chance for me to be more involved,” Morrisette said.

I think having hand-made signs that are very different can bring more attention.

— senior Addie Morrisette

Advocates for stopping Line 3, self-proclaimed water protectors, have been following the construction of the pipeline around Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Canada wherever construction is happening. In Feb. water protector and defender, Alex Golden-Wolf hosted a Q&A with students and faculty. She expressed the importance of art in the movement. Between Golden-Wolf’s Q&A and hearing about events like Macalester College’s art storm, Morrisette was inspired to host a lawn sign-making get-together. Each attendee created their own yard sign with sentiments regarding stopping construction of the Line 3 pipeline.
“I’ve been seeing all these lawn signs around St. Paul, but they’re pretty homogenous and I feel like people could easily ignore them. I think having hand-made signs that are very different can bring more attention,” Morrisette said.
“It was nice to see people from our community come out and support this cause in a creative way,” senior Gavin Kimmel said.