DEI Plan needs to account for neurodivergent learning


My neurodivergent friends and I saw the recent article about SPA’s DEI plan and we’re concerned that the plan didn’t address steps toward including neurodivergent students.

This is an area where SPA needs to do a lot of work, and it’s been neglected for a while. For example, as an autistic person myself, I’ve been mocked or joked about by several of my teachers. Also, admin has denied me and my friends reasonable accommodations that were recommended for us by a neuropsychologist (e.g. being able to sit where we want in class, being notified about fire drills in advance, and asking not to be called on without prior warning).

I’m wondering if you would be willing to write an article about the steps SPA needs to take to become a welcoming environment for neurodivergent students and how this needs to be a part of the DEI plan. It would mean a lot to the neurodivergent community at SPA.