Go-round inspired dress up day brought cozy to campus


The last week before Thanksgiving Break was filled with tests, projects, reassessments and deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. To add a little softness and solidarity to end the week, on Nov. 19, the Stading advisory decided to propose an impromptu dress-up day.

US science teacher Amy Stading said that the origins of Cozy Sweatshirt Day actually came from a go-around that her advisory did. “Everyone lit up when describing their favorite sweatshirt,” she said, “And I was like…you know what? We should have a [cozy sweatshirt] day.”

The last-minute plan was received with record participation, as nearly everybody in the building, including Head of School Bryn Roberts and US Principal Theresa Collins wore a sweatshirt to school.

This story was updated on Dec. 8 to feature more sweatshirt stories.