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Fashion Club reopens a space to craft imagination and creativity into reality

Jack Bettenburg
GET TO CRAFTING. Freshman Elizabeth Mena-Larsen and sophomore Maeve Duncan sit across from each other in the art wing as they work on their appliqué projects during the Fashion Club meeting. The two work together while chatting over the art project featured at the bottom of the photo. Mena-Larsen lays out her appliqué pieces while Duncan is busy threading a needle to sew her appliqué onto a bag.

Fashion is constantly evolving and clothing trends are always fluctuating. Fashion refers to the different ways people dress and the styles of clothing people wear throughout time. After a year of the Fashion Club’s absence, it has reemerged and it strives to bring students a space to express themselves creatively through hands-on fashion creations, designing outfits and more.

The Fashion Club leaders this year are sophomores Maeve Duncan and Echo Dayton. Duncan was inspired to start the Fashion Club back up with Dayton being motivated by her love for fashion, as well as also seeking out something fashion-related to be a career choice in the future.

Freshman Elizabeth Mena-Larsen, a regular member of the Fashion Club, said, “I joined Fashion Club because I was interested in some of the activities [the club leaders] talked about maybe having in the future.”

One of these activities is the club’s current big project members are working on— an appliqué project on shirts and other clothing pieces. Appliqué is a French needlework technique used to attach different pieces of fabrics and patches to larger background pieces. This technique is commonly used worldwide for making larger projects such as decorative banners, display pieces, clothing and more. Materials and supplies for the applique project are brought in by club members and many are provided by the art room. Fashion Club members are using the appliqué technique to create new pieces of their own which they will be able to bring home after the project is completed.

In Fashion Club, there is a lot of community.

— Elizabeth Mena-Larsen

“Another big project that we are hoping to do in the spring is a clothing swap or some kind of thrift store type thing that everyone can be included in, and just have some kind of spring clean out,” said Duncan.

Some attendees at previous clothing swaps have found their new favorite pieces of clothing at the event, and after hearing how much the past Fashion Club attendees enjoyed the clothing swap in the previous Fashion Club a year ago, the club leaders decided to keep the event going.

The club leaders’ goal with the clothing swap is not only to exchange clothes, but Duncan believes that, “[The clothing swap] would be a great event to promote clothes recycling and fashion sustainability,” as well. The clothing swap would show how many clothes people would typically throw away, teaching members about how much fashion waste there is each year, as well as how to combat that by giving the old clothes a new home and life instead of ending up in landfills if they’re thrown in the trash.

“In Fashion Club, there is a lot of community. We always have fun, do go-arounds and do fun activities,” said Mena-Larsen. The Fashion Club meets in the art wing and their next meeting is Dec. 4.

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