The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

MISSISSIPPI MARKET CO-OP. The co-op building stands under the bright sun. This location on 7th Street West is the largest of the three locations.

[AROUND TOWN] Looking for high-quality organic goods? Mississippi Market Co-op has got you covered

Andrew Lipinsky, RubicOnline May 22, 2024
Along with its fresh produce, the co-op's emphasis on community leadership is what sets it apart from a regular grocery store.
[OPINION] Love books? Shop local.

[OPINION] Love books? Shop local.

Annika Kim, The Rubicon May 20, 2024
Independent bookstores play a vital role in neighborhoods. Find one near you and stop by.
HOT AND SPICY. The Highland location of the chicken resteraunt stands out with bright colors and sophistacted design.

[AROUND TOWN] Dave’s Hot Chicken opens new Highland location, giving a classic yet hot experience

Andrew Lipinsky, RubicOnline April 30, 2024
Ranging from no spice to the "reaper", the chain serves delicious tenders and chicken sandwiches paired with shakes and sodas.
LOCAL BOOKSTORE. Red Balloon is a great place to find some new books to read and support the neighborhood.

[AROUND TOWN] Red Balloon Bookshop serves the community with literature

Andrew Lipinsky, RubicOnline March 17, 2024
Red Balloon offers a plethora of books catered mainly to kids and young adults.
COMMUNITY STAPLE. Cecils Deli has been a part of the Highland Park community for over 70 years.

[AROUND TOWN] Cecils Deli preserves tradition and connects community

Andrew Lipinsky, RubicOnline February 23, 2024
The neighborhood deli in Highland Park serves up Jewish dishes and other familiar favorites.
CITY LIGHTS. SMALL TOWN CHARM. Downtown Stillwater offers it all.

[AROUND TOWN] A winter day in Stillwater offers picturesque, small town Minnesota at its finest

Amanda Hsu, The Rubicon February 8, 2024
While lots of people flock to Stillwater in the summer, there’s nothing quite like the frosty, cozy feel of a Minnesota snowy day in the town.
DELICIOUS. The Nooks menu offers different types of burgers, appetizers, sausages, soups, drinks and many daily or weekly specials.

[AROUND TOWN] The Nook serves up comfort and affordability

Andrew Lipinsky, RubicOnline January 21, 2024
The popular burger joint offers a simple yet satisfying menu.
TAKE A BITE. The spicy beef ramen at Ichiddo Ramen is a delicious fan-favorite, with numerous toppings and fiery spices.

[AROUND TOWN] Cozy up with a bowl of noodles at Ichiddo Ramen

Andrew Lipinsky, RubicOnline November 30, 2023
Ichiddo Ramen in Highland excellent great food and customer service.
QUALITY WAX. Cheapo Records in Saint Paul has a nice feeling to it, along with a great variety of records.

[AROUND TOWN] Variety is the shopper’s playlist at Cheapo Records

Andrew Lipinsky, RubicOnline November 27, 2023
Cheapo Records, with three Twin Cities locations, offers new and gently used records. Buy or sell.
JAVA JAUNT. Quixotic is a short walk from school to Cleveland Avenue and is open daily from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

[AROUND TOWN] Neighborhood staple Quixotic makes a day a little better

Andrew, Lipinsky October 12, 2023
Quixotic Coffee is a great local spot to get drinks, hang out with friends, and recharge after a long day of school. Check it out.
FRIENDLY COWORKERS. This coffee shop stays open from 6 in the morning to 8 at night with these courteous workers. Making coffee, chatting with regulars, and washing dirty dishes are some of the many things they do each day as Caribou employees. “I like making iced caramel lattes,” said one of the workers. Caption by Elliott

Caribou Coffee brews community connection

Christmas Crew August 3, 2023
Campers in the Journalism Blitz workshop visited Caribou Coffee to talk to employees and customers.
BALANCE. Reordering by Andrea Bagdon creates a sense of balance and cematry.

[AROUND TOWN]”Unapologetically Femme” interrogates gender performance

Zadie Martin, RubicOnline May 7, 2023
Unapologetically Femme is "A Defiant Celebration of the Complexities of Feminnity."
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