[AROUND TOWN] Cozy up with a bowl of noodles at Ichiddo Ramen

TAKE A BITE. The spicy beef ramen at Ichiddo Ramen is a delicious fan-favorite, with numerous toppings and fiery spices.
TAKE A BITE. The spicy beef ramen at Ichiddo Ramen is a delicious fan-favorite, with numerous toppings and fiery spices.
Andrew Lipinsky

Andrew Lipinsky
Ichiddo Ramen Ichiddo Ramen located at 2073 Ford Parkway in the Highland neighborhood of St. Paul, is a great place to get delicious ramen and drinks and to hang out with friends.

The Ichiddo Ramen in St. Paul is part of a chain of restaurants around the Twin Cities with the original ramen restaurant located in Minneapolis. The location in St. Paul was opened a few years after the original Minneapolis restaurant, and it is owned by Tony Yang. In the restaurant, there are two chefs in the back making the food, and about four waiters ready to take orders. The customer service is great. Waiters are able to take your order within a few minutes of sitting down, and have all the food ready in about ten minutes after that. There is also never a large number of people to cause a huge line to get into the restaurant.

REFRESHING. Ichiddo Ramen also offers a variety of teas and other drinks, with add-ins like boba. (Andrew Lipinsky)

Ichiddo Ramen is a special spot for many people in the area, with it being a staple within the St. Paul Highland community. People from all age groups in the area have been coming here. There are never too many people at one time though, which gives it a nice feeling when inside the restaurant.

The food at Ichiddo is amazing. With choices between many different types of ramen, stir-fries, dumplings and more, there are lots of delicious options. For food, many people’s favorite order is beef ramen, which has noodles, beef, an assortment of vegetables and spices to make a great bowl of ramen. If you cannot eat a whole bowl of ramen, don’t worry, because the appetizers are great with delicious options like the gyoza or ribs.

For drinks, Ichiddo has a very unique selection, ranging from Thai Milk Tea to Yakult drinks and much more. With many of the drinks, people also have the option to add other ingredients to their drink like boba, extra ice, etc. The drinks complement the food very well.

The Ichiddo Ramen in the Highland neighborhood of St. Paul is a great place to grab good Japanese food and hang out with friends after a long day.

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