Bike thefts prompt caution


Kathryn Campbell

After thefts on the Randolph campus Wednesday and Thursday, Director of Facilities Mark Dickinson alterted the community: “If you ride a bike to campus, I encourage you to consider a ‘U’ type lock, or something more secure than a small cable. It appears the thief yesterday came prepared with bolt cutters,” he wrote.

A note of caution was issued to all SPA employees last week when Director of Operations and Security, Mark Dickinson, reported that several bikes were stolen from the Randolph Campus.

The bikes were stolen from both the Lily Courtyard as well as the bike rack by the middle school. Security staff will be making an effort to patrol areas where there are bikes and monitor them on the security cameras.

In the meantime, security encourages everyone who bikes to school to lock their bikes with “U” type locks or anything more secure than a small cable.

“It appears the thief yesterday came prepared with bolt cutters,” Dickinson said.

If you have any questions, contact Mark Dickinson or Seamus Glewwe.