With finals coming up, quiet study spaces will be essential


Peter Blanchfield

Some of the Huss Center tables should be moved into the Upper Library

Eli Goldman, Staff Writer

Walk through the halls during any time of day and you will find spaces full of students independently and collectively working, but recently it has not felt like there is enough space for everyone to work where and how they want. The library, the biggest work space in the school, used to have two floors full of quiet tables for studying, but currently the lower and upper library’s work spaces have gotten a lot smaller. It started over the summer, after the construction of the robotics room, this caused the lower library to now have barely any work space. Furthermore, the upper library lost a lot of its bigger tables and added very small, tall tables that can only seat two at most. The Huss Center’s work space has changed a lot as well; it has gained a lot more workspace containing nice four person tables which could be great for studying. Unfortunately, all of the noise and distractions in the Huss Center make it a very challenging study environment.

Change can be a good thing; people need to learn how to adapt to different situations and environments. However, this change is not beneficial to the student body at all. The Huss Center is a common place for people to hang out and chat but is not a good place for studying. The library is meant for studying with hard working librarians keeping everyone quiet and respectful. The Huss Center is a beautiful new building with many amazing elements to it, such as the giant auditorium, the comfy couches, the great bathrooms, and the dedicated security. But unfortunately, it is a not a great space for quiet studying. The new tables in the Huss Center are great, but they should not replace tables in the upper library.

The Huss tables are great, but the atmosphere of the Huss Center for studying is not so great. Moving the nice four person tables from the Huss into the library would be the most beneficial for the student body, and would hopefully help make the upper library more like it used to be. If the Upper School Council could hear the opinions of the students on this issue, they could then potentially talk to the Head of School Bryn Roberts, into moving the nice four person tables from the Huss to the upper library or to purchase the same tables and add them to the library.

Workspace is important to the hardworking student body and there should be a change to improve it.