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Warmth before fashion this winter

Thomas Chen
LAYERING. Layering allows for warmth and versatility, as you can shed layers but also add more. On a basic level, it consists of a base layer (left), a mid-layer (middle), and an insulating layer (right). “[In the winter], layering becomes a very crucial part of any outfit. You’re putting coats on. You’re putting sweaters on. Some people wear sweatpants and then skirts over it, I’ve seen that on TikTok,” said Donahue.

As the holiday season comes in full swing, the cold of winter arrives with it. This type of year creates many beautiful natural sights, and invites many to the great outdoors to explore and sight see. However, the first few snows have fallen, and it is no longer sweater weather outside. It’s time to bring out the coats, hats, gloves, scarfs, and the list goes on. Winter introduces so many more types of clothes, accessories, and gear than any other season, allowing for more types of looks, styles, and ways of expression.

Sophomore Sophie Donahue loves the cold and the clothes that come with it. “In winter, you can just be like a big cozy marshmallow,” she said.

However, before worrying about your appearance, you must make sure you are dressing in a manner that will keep you warm and safe. The already frigid Minnesota temperatures feel even colder with wind chill and serve as danger to those unprepared. Hypothermia and frostbite are extremely severe and can end in amputation and death. However, as long as you dress properly when you’re outside you can avoid the dangers winter brings.

According to winter clothing brand Sierra, there are different ways to dress for different activities. Passive activities require thicker, more insulating clothing. On the other hand, if you are being active, covering your hands and other exposed areas are more important. Outside of just your simple jacket, there are hats and beanies for your head, face masks and balaclavas for face and neck protection, gloves and mittens for your hands, and boots for your feet. These pieces of gear are crucial, as many parts of the body outside of the core can be overlooked.

I think that winter is the most versatile but there are severe permanent health risks that you take when you choose to be a little more experimental… You got to get that Slavic, Russian, bimbo fashion.

— Sophie Donahue

A crucial and unique aspect of Winter clothing is layering. Layering keeps you warm and also allows you to be more versatile. It is when multiple clothes are stacked onto each other. Sierra’s basic guide calls for a base layer, often in the form of light and quick drying clothes such as long underwear and t-shirts. The mid layer consists of a long-sleeved shirt and pants. Lastly, the insulating layer is what really keeps you warm. It includes fleece pullovers, vests, wool sweaters, down vests, down jackets, and snow pants. For more rigorous and extreme activities, outerwear is the final layer. Sierra states that it must block the wind, keep out rain and snow and allow sweat vapor to escape, things like a water-resistant jacket, soft shell jacket, or hardwear.

For example, to show its versatility, in alpine skiing, you can put on an extra layer when you are resting on the lift and immediately take it off when getting ready to fly down the hill. “I think that winter is the most versatile but there are severe permanent health risks that you take when you choose to be a little more experimental… You got to get that Slavic, Russian, bimbo fashion.” Donahue said.

With all that said about safety, layering and all the extra clothes and accessories it requires, it unlocks a new world of fashion and ways to style. Thick, big, puffy clothing is fashionable now, with jackets like the Aritzia Super Puff. Donahue said, “It is high fashion. You might look stupid but it is so fashionable.”

Winter shoes and boots have also been extremely popular for a while now. There are many options, such as Uggs and last year’s trending moon boots.

There are countless amounts of trends and products that are developed everywhere in any season. Donahue advises those seeking inspiration to use social media. “Everything is on Tik Tok these days. Pinterest too, is a place that is heavily centered around fashion. Just go on those and look around, see what you like,” she said.

The cold temperatures of winter can seem discouraging and frightening, but with the right gear, you can stay warm and discover a world of activity, fun, but also fashion and self-expression.

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